November 5, 2009


Don't let it go by
without a shout-out,
a hey you, and a here's another!

Yes. It's anniversary time, again.
The days are numbered, so don't forget,
to clasp them tight and say, amen!

One year, baby. Here's to another...and, another....and,
another...with, love:

~x~Abe's Heart, always.

November 1, 2009

EROGASM #1 : Halloween Edition

So here is my first linkdump. You can copy and repost it. If you have any erotic links for me please send them to


Hot, crowded and smoky, the dance floor writhed and pulsed as the music played louder with each hour. Hot bodies pressed close to one another in the tight space. The music, the heat, the smell of sex permeated the room. Halloween has come again and we were going to celebrate.

Thanks, to the Bad Girl,
for keeping the flame going!

~x~Abe's Heart.