May 25, 2012

More about Jennifer Parkstone (Part Three)

   Aunt June could read Jennifer's expression like an open book; however, her inner emotions were being side-lined by the fact that Jennifer was being as "naughty" as ever. On the one hand, she was viewing Jennifer's bare bottom, and on the other hand, she was remembering her niece, as an infant, wiping that bottom, and changing her diapers. There was an unbelieving character to this entire situation; and, at this moment, Aunt June was trying her best to stifle her anger.
   Now, as if facing the inevitable, Jennifer bounced around the counter, her head held high. The four, or five, visible patrons to the library, moved closer to the counter in order to get a better look.
    This was the moment, struck; the moment of truth, for Jennifer.

to be continued...

Abe's Heart.