January 31, 2010

Poems...and, a question for you:

Can a poem be sexy & morbid at the same time????...Jeepers! I've got to keep writing to get better.

Click the title of this post. I'd like to hear your opinion on my latest poem--(the video, by the Yeah,Yeah,Yeahs is a good one too!)

`x`Abe's Heart.

January 16, 2010

The Videos of "Glass House Clouds" (Ya-Hoooooooo!)

Ahhhh, those were the days!
(Yahoo STILL has not deleted these. (And, I Still like these 19 videos)...

For those who are too red to read: Thank you.

su Yahoo! Video

~x~Abe's Heart.

January 3, 2010

Spankings for the New Year!

You may have noticed that I've deleted the "Amber and Mandy Stories" blog. 
Sometimes, the creative juices just aren't right. 
I've been writing lots of poetry lately (as well as, a Novel-in-progress:)...The spanking stories are definitely on hold.

Of course, this doesn't mean I won't ever write them again.
In the meantime...enjoy the sexy poems.

Or, you can watch this video: