December 22, 2009

You run around...

...Doing your best to be happy. You've had that song buzzing your head for the last three days. She sings, and you cannot see anything but the cool emotion, tingling your spine. 

The holidays are tough for me.
This song ...I love.

Peace and love, always,

~x~Abe's Heart.

December 9, 2009

December 3, 2009

December 1, 2009

Don't know...

When I'll be back.
When I'll be able to write as I've done.

Happy Holidays to everyone who drops in here. Love you.

`x~Abe's Heart. 

November 5, 2009


Don't let it go by
without a shout-out,
a hey you, and a here's another!

Yes. It's anniversary time, again.
The days are numbered, so don't forget,
to clasp them tight and say, amen!

One year, baby. Here's to another...and, another....and,
another...with, love:

~x~Abe's Heart, always.

November 1, 2009

EROGASM #1 : Halloween Edition

So here is my first linkdump. You can copy and repost it. If you have any erotic links for me please send them to


Hot, crowded and smoky, the dance floor writhed and pulsed as the music played louder with each hour. Hot bodies pressed close to one another in the tight space. The music, the heat, the smell of sex permeated the room. Halloween has come again and we were going to celebrate.

Thanks, to the Bad Girl,
for keeping the flame going!

~x~Abe's Heart.

October 28, 2009


....So, the next time you feel like stompin' on someone's face with your big, black, boots, jus' put on this fuckin' song and shout the shit out of it. Get your blood up, and sing, ya dingus!


~x~Abe's Heart

October 17, 2009

I'm scattered...Did'ja Notice?

I've got so many places on blogspot
I don't know where to write next!

I'm going to spend some time reading other peeps
blogs for a while. Its been, like, forever since I've dipped
into the sexiness out there...(that's my Cali-by-way-of-New-York-Voice!).....

.....Maybe, just maybe, I'll end up at YOUR BLOG!!!!!!!!!!????

See ya soon. I'll make my way through "Paradise of Reads" list...then, the "followers" list......

`x~Abe's Heart.

October 12, 2009

no title

She was curious. The kind of woman who couldn't wait for anything, she was; two strokes of the brush, sent her into orgasm; and, three strokes, sent her heart chiming.

He'd work on it, dreaming of the next scene, the next words. She'd play his game, 'cause she loved it. The whole house would sing with their love-making.

Years of curiosity,
making his kitten purr.

Yep...that's her.

October 4, 2009


.....Click me! 

[I've been busy, gathering together a new book. Some of these will be included]

September 23, 2009

Stay True, It'll see you through!

How did I know he'd do so well?

`x~Abe's Heart

PS: Support our President....and, Support our Troops

September 22, 2009


I love the new post editor. Why do I love the new post editor, you may be asking? ...Well, for one thing, the writing looks so fresh and new! (doesn't it?..I mean, really!)...

...It has been a very busy week. Let me tell you: My father is losing his mind..this is very tough, so hard to deal with. I'm going to be honest here [It must be so difficult, not having short-term memory..I feel for him, and I'm as frustrated as he is.]

I sticking with him. 

If I'm not visiting your blogs, or you don't hear from me for a while...well. Now you know why. I'm taking care of him, as well as myself.  I know I'm not alone. Thank you, for reading here & commenting.

`x~Abe's Heart.

September 4, 2009

Sugasm's coming up!

Giving props to "Sugasm".

I've got some poetry goin' on this week!


Hey you!: Go take a peek at the profile page....."Sexy Poems"

Love as always, Abe's Heart.

August 23, 2009

Postin' up a storm!

It's a lazy Sunday today.
Is anyone reading blogs today???
Come on, tell me you're reading my naughty stuff(?????????????)

So? Have you seen Hurricane Bill???.....

.....Drat! I'm bored.

`x~Abe's Heart.

PS: It's a Miss Heap kinda day ~~ CLICK me!

August 21, 2009

Oh, My!

New "Sexy poem"

~[click, above...."sexy poem"]~

love as always,

Abe's Heart.

August 18, 2009

Did you ever?.....

Did you ever feel like writing something, even when you're drawing nothing but blanks?; the blanks of writing, I mean....They're like, totally out of sync with everything else, once you get the bloody words onto the bloody paper. It all looks like some Englishman's inflection, gone to fucking hayseed, ya know what I mean?
There isn't any words sitting between my legs, dumbass. So, what's this shit all about.

Christ, if I know. I'm just gonna sit here, like the f-ing Karaoke-King, and drink cool water and wipe my brow, sweating like a pig, see?...

Oh! go to buggers! I know you. I do. You're gonna leave this fucking gin-mill and toddle on home, and damn well write every god-damn word I'm saying. All for the love of your self-masturbatory life...Go on, bugger off..see if I care?

Yeah. But, did you ever???

August 5, 2009


CLICK, click, click-through, the word,


SEXY POEMS! .... click!
`x~Abe's Heart.

August 4, 2009

On The Beach:

In praise of the female form, Summer Time is the perfect time for the "bottom-man"
You know "the bottom man," surely; he's the one who's gaze lingers, long after she'd walked away; he's the one who massages sun-tan lotion, and sunscreen, onto the two hemispheres of her ass, her golden-tan ass, buttocks, backside, rump, and booty.

On the beach, you'll find her, stretched out, in all her glory.

Here where the shore meets with the horizon, the "bottom man," smiles, while doffing his cap. She is hot. She is matching herself, with nature on her side. She is the glorious Summer-time's ultimate attraction....attraction....attraction....

....attraction. With, praise,



`x~Abe's Heart.
I've gotten back to the "Mandy & Amber Stories" You'll find the latest posts here >>


August 2, 2009

Posting for Pup!!

~x`Abe's Heart.
ps: Yes. I do love Shakira.

July 5, 2009

Just in Case You Haven't Read it.....

....Here's a Mandy & Amber Story, before "Telephone"


click me !

~x`Abe's Heart.

July 1, 2009

As you can see...

I will be posting here again,
plus, "Paradise of Reads,"

Plus, again, New Sexy Poems....

...and, the slowly continuing Vampire Venture. [see post below]

(...We'll see:)

`x~Abe's Heart.

[check the profile page, and read wherever you'd like. Welcome!]


"CLICK me"

June 29, 2009


Branching out
in wonder
all the time.

Life will toss you
for coins
or rhyme.

Sing a song,
in giving pause
to pain.



April 26, 2009


All New posts will be here : "click me"

Also: I've been playing around, just a bit, with a new blog. If you like vampire stories...."click me too!"

[ we go!:)]

`x~Abe's Heart.

April 17, 2009

March 27, 2009

Coming Back Slowly:

I've been posting some bits & pieces,
[at, "Paradise of Reads" ].

THINGS ARE LOOKING A BIT BRIGHTER...GOT A JOB PROSPECT THAT LOOKS GOOD AND I've written some pages I'm very happy with [Novel-in-progress].

I'm taking things slowly: One day at time.

I'll try to keep the blog going; however, it's new home is at "Paradise of Reads."

...see: Profile page.

PS: That's where you'll find links to my favorite blogs, also.

I'm glad to be back.

Love you all,
~x~Abe's Heart.

February 11, 2009

Farewell...and, love:

2000......................................................>10 !

Farewell, Bloggers. I love you all.

See you in the Funny Papers.
(next year)
`x~Abe's Heart.

PS: ~~tug on the ear~~

January 30, 2009

Till We Meet Again:

...I remain,
in heart & mind,



Music<span class=Playlist">
Music Playlist at

To Calisto-Demon & friends:

Calisto-Demon~~Today, my Profile tipped into 4,000 (a dubious number, at best.)....

...On Feb. 12th I'll be 50, Abe Lincoln will be 200 and this blog (as "adam") will be History. It was a good return & an even better History (His-story)...

...I remain the same man I was when I began blogging in 2005. I still search, like "adam" for meaning in a world, not yet, what it should be, but with a vast knowledge of what it "could" Be.

Imperfect I arrived. Imperfect, I go.

Give me a year, that's all.
I know I'll be back.

In a year...a year.


January 30, 2009 12:30 AM

January 27, 2009

It's tough..It's very tough.

Gotta get goin'.....

Love you,


"Apple Cider"

Latest video from "PoetHeadsUp."

No. I haven't gone insane.
(not yet, anyway)


P.S. > My little stick on Long Island is coming undone. I apologize for not being completely "here"...My Visiting hours (making the blog 'rounds) is a crap-shoot lately.So goes Exhaustion. Take care of yourselves & others. xo,adam

P.S.s. : I'm just going to keep adding to this. I gotta say, to anyone still reading here. Hold on..hold the fuck on. You ain't seen Nothing yet. I'm fucked up..truly, fucked up, headwise.


January 23, 2009

I can play around, and laugh, all I want.

The feeble-minded will still be taken advantage of.
The middle class will still be impelled to look downward,
The boxcar will only be a memory,
fading in the distance.
The peddler will forever be knocking on the backdoor.

Someday, my princess will come.
I can play around, and laugh, all I want.

All I need is more

In between trains,
my sight transcends clarity.

The stiff-fingered boy
writes incessantly
about life.

The old man shakes his head
in wonder.

The thought moves on,
as a ticket is punched.

I can play around, and laugh,
all I want.

~x~adam. (posted @vice&verses)copyright 2009.

January 22, 2009

Where Ya Goin'?

  • I'm in a really scattered mood. In every word,
  • my dear, you'll find a blessing
  • or, a curse.
  • Don't step on my tie,
  • break my session
  • with passion,
  • or,
  • ride the train with strangers.
  • If you happen to catch me talking to myself,
  • pat me on the back,
  • smile,
  • and say,
  • Where ya goin??
  • **
  • (These days, it's the only relevant question.)

January 20, 2009

With Humor & Grace, We Begin:

"I'm a Lefty...Get Used To It."
~President Obama.

You could not find a better example of "Don't Box me in."
You gotta give it to him.

Change cannot occur without this. The Future, the Youth of our Country, has spoken.

Let them have the credit, and the Future they deserve.

I love The USA & the World.
Yes WE can. Believe it. A Call to Service: NATIONALLY.

Onward, within the Last word..for Politics.

~x~adam#2 and a half.

It's that time...once memory...

Here << click me!

(....smiling down, I know)

There are... last posts.

You'll see whatever you want to see.
The world, never as bright as it is today.

One small bit of Change,
and We're free.

Take this moment into your heart;
let it breathe for all.

I gather the silent bitterness
brewing in my enemy's heart;
recognizing each potion,

a puzzle,

a call,

a child in the woods.

There are no last posts,
to blur my forward motion.

~x~adam. 01/19/09 ~~for MLKing & President Obama

EDIT: 1/20/09~2:14AM

January 19, 2009

Exactly...Still feel the same way, damnit!

(Posted this @ShortbusNormal Videos [2007-2008])...desperate, for change.


Ps: There is a feeling growing within me. I don't know who reads me any longer. I've probably turned off more than a few people for not being "sexy" enough. Too bad, I say. The real deal is flying forward.

My brother-in-law is hospitalized. My Sister is gearing up for Divorce Court. My father is fuming in anger, loss, rage, and a collection of "false memories"...The hurt is endless, effecting all in my family. My mother, God rest her soul, is looking upon us with sorrowful eyes.

I don't care anymore, if I'm "sexy" or not. I want to live, like anyone else; someone who counts, no matter matter matter when.

"Sexy" is only half of it..if that.

If that.
~x~adam 01/19/09~12:55AM

January 16, 2009

Now, it seems.......done & over & done again...

...and, OVER.



January 14, 2009

I've Reached That point:

In the grand scheme of things it may be a small thing:

Everyone, at some point, reaches that point where they question their worth, their value, in the eyes of others. We look for validation; for a sense we actually mean something to another.

I've lived with the word, "IDIOT" ringing in my ears. In a moment, those I love have hurt me more than any "school-yard bully."

I'm stealing from Maya Angelou [sic]: I know why the caged bird

I may be the reincarnation of Abe Lincoln [born on his birthday & holding on, w/ my humor & Marfan's] I'm wearing his "Death-mask," today. The Civil WAR in our HOUSE is nearing its breaking point.

I want to get off the train.

This "idiot" has reached the end of the line.

I've reached that point in Time.

The voice says: "You're not of value."

"You're an idiot" (useless)

I've taken in the sickness of my father....

...I'm throwing up.

He faces me towards the mirror...Idiot, Idiot, Idiot, Idiot, Idiot.

I jump & run for the hills....


No longer useless; although, GONE.


January 12, 2009

Just what the Doctor ordered...

...and, nothing else.

Latest poem & video here > CLICK ME!

January 11, 2009

Only Francesca will understand.

I miss you, hun. You're a friend and a lover.


There's nothing sappy about this. It's still a beautiful song..:

It's your life..Never surrender.

You raise me up - Westlife - MyVideo

January 10, 2009

Sugasm # 156: Goodnight, Sweet ..sweet.

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I know, as I work things out, it's best not to post here.

To my readers:

I apologize.


Sometimes, you have to look beyond yourself...

...and see the dance
from a distance of years.

Memory is a funny thing;

it holds on

and creates space for filling.

Looking beyond myself,

what moves me

is the courage I see in Others;

the life lived


the Dance, even if it may be the last,

a gift.


~x~Adam#2 and 1/2.

January 9, 2009

I know... much of a bummer I've been lately.
{note to self: In all future reference to the bad days: Drop the word, "bummer."}

I'm sorry to say, it was inevitable. I try too hard, I know.
I fear explaining myself.

Honesty, impels me to just be myself.

All I can do, as I wander 'round, is hope for understanding.

It's not your problem...

..if I hate myself and where I am and swallow myself up with where I could be and wish that those who claim their love for me, consistently show it by making me feel smaller than they are.

That's the crux of my absence here.

I don't know, anymore, who I am.
I know, I don't like who I've become.

I'm back to that valueless place I was months ago...

...holding on. Wishing, with all my Heart,

I were somewhere


[I don't know when you'll see another post from me.

The Sugasm will have to do, for a bit. (a poem..a poem. That's all.)

x,adam2*1/2 ~note: "...quiet desperation." is an original, new poem. It is written w/the writer, John Cheever in mind~particularly, his Short Stories of Suburbia, where the main, male characters, are always riding the Train. My Father was a Conductor, on the Long Island Rail Road & a Chief of the Fire Department. The title, is a steal: ..Men, living lives of quiet desperation.

I suppose, in Uncertain Times, we try to explain to Ourselves where we've been. And, yet, as little as we know, we also try to make sense of where the connections lie. Our History is not individual, you see...The Train rolls on and we take from it, hopefully, what is best.
Only, the best of Us, as family.

January 7, 2009



9:58AM~pouring rain.

Reconsidering, every little thing, is death.

[They say, it doesn't rain in Hell.

Don't believe it.]

January 6, 2009


At times, I wrestle with myself; not the beating-up, self-lacerating, kind of wrestling you see on Spike. What brings me to sudden silence, and long absences, is the kind of wrestling not written, or viewed. It is for the confessional, the serious-minded, spirit, clinging to a battered boat.

My emotions (lately) are as windswept as the reflective memories of a Katrina survivor. [If the house I live in could be seen as analogous, I'd board up my heart, and apply for disaster relief.]

Each day, each hour, brings another storm.
There is little I can do to change those I love.

My family is in "serious" trouble...

...and, my absence is only temporary.

In order to be here [here, being, this space] I have to calm myself, gird myself, like a strong levee.

There are no rehearsals, or reversals.


I don't like how I've been feeling. Even to myself, I'm a burden.

I've scattered myself; blown myself, into the wind.

Like dust, an Urn on the Mantle...crying, crying,...

...flying, away.

Hold on, Son, I imagine him saying to me.
Instead, each day is a contest of Wills...

..a contest I'm sure to lose.




Jesus Christ! ...and, I thought it was just the Flu!!:

click photo to enlarge. lol!
~x~Adam 2-1/2.

Okay. Tell me the truth:

Are you as tired of me
as I am?


That means it must be time to Change....

Music Playlist at

Confession: I'm not as in love with myself
as you think.
I'm time weary...still working on it, friends.


January 4, 2009

SHORTBUSnormal Is Gone!

However, each day, I'll be posting his Videos..Starting from the beginning!

You'll find him in my Profile(wink*)
Love yez,

ShortbusNormal's FINAL video:

"In Transit"

....message sent.

Click me!

The Tipping Point (...In the Life of a Blogger)

Everything Falls into Place:

Everything Falls into Place:

So, I may not be the swiftest duck in the pond --(but, who IS,
anyway?)--and, Momma may have told me not to come...(jus' kiddin'

...but, there comes a day when, [ yes, my
furry-sexy-friends] every little-gosh-darn thing falls into place and
instead of talking like some maddened political hack, gone wild, all of
your sentences (bold as brick) fly as free as the wind, as subtle as a

..and, even that, is just right..(but, further to the Left, in 2009!:)

And, so:

Do not dismiss these ravings. I'm fucking on to something..and, if the Wind blows right, it may turn out to be:

Perfectly, Imperfect.

Happy New Year.
LOVE yez, all,

SinfullyAnon, nevermore (Hawwwwwk!)
(also known as ShortbusNormal, Poetheadsup, and TV2guy @ YouTube)

January 3, 2009



If you're new to my blogs, or me, this post will seem like an invitation to seek me even further than you've ever had to seek another blogger. (Then, again, if you've spent only a little time reading me, you've probably realized I have an odd affinity with run-on sentences, which in the blog Universe are a number-one causal factor in boredom, and not only that: run-on sentences, induce sleep, and just may cause you much harm in the Real life world of English Teachers and spank-crazy, schoolmarms.)


So, if you know me, you know I've been agonizing upon what (WHAT?, Sinfully, are you going to do with all these bloody-blogs!????:)

Later on today, I'll be back. (Yes..My nephew turns 11 today, [Birthday Party!] and I must be going!)....

...Later, I'll present "Da LIST" [note: Da List, is a List of Keepers! Meaning: The blogs I shall continue to Post on. The Main Blog & its naughty companions.]

It's time to make some Changes, friends & peeps & frienemies! (..frienemies? You know who you are..You're not reading me{or, maybe, you are:}

See ya later.


January 2, 2009

Frozen In Time...and, The Angels are Laughing!:)

....go!....[see da sidebar,k?]