November 29, 2008

Today's, Dish-ram Wass-Cloth :

Praise bee! I 'ave so much to bee 
thankfull for. Lookit all dee fine peeple
arriving by finger-out-on-highway!

I have so many arrive!

14 Stalkers!..I mean, pardon: Followers!

Happy peeple, all. Praise bee!

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November 28, 2008

Getting Motivated For The Holidays! :

click to enlarge. go ahead..go make your own.

November 25, 2008

A Quiet Companion:

Why is it we never see 
Beneath the surface of things? 

When all is quiet
I'm on tether-hooks:

Suspended, within all the unasked for noise;
Although, singing 
A soft prayer

For the Quiet .


PS: Taking a well needed rest..Love, to all, till Monday.
Happy Thanksgiving!

November 24, 2008

"On His Blindness" (a parody/John Milton)

*On His Blindness*

When I consider the bulb burnt out I cannot see it
Ev'ry night is a struggle in the room with a view
And, my only talent is the nakedness I hide,
Scorning me, in it's youthfulness unseen; an
Unspent coil, a snake, to serve my Maker,
far from the Garden wall...There's no accounting
for it...

...Lest he return chilled.

Why is God a day laborer,
and all Darkness on Sunday?
I fondly light, no incandescent bulb
Is Bright!

It's okay, I'll pay the bill,
on the 'morrow.
He'd made me strong to Work

And, if I can find my Best Clothes
In The Darkness,
I shall stand and serve forever
in a candle-lit restaurant.


November 23, 2008

Stretching towards Sodom~wink*

I may be going completely out on a limb here; however, the time has come to stretch whatever boundries I've worked within.

I like telling stories.

Therefore, I have set up a "new" blog for "new" stories. The title of the blog is, "Where Diana Waits." You can find it in my profile.

I added links to "Suspended In Disbelief" [in progress] & "Sexual Nostalgia" [Complete, and posted in 2007]...

..I hope you enjoy these stories as much as I enjoy writing them.

Diana Waits...:)


November 21, 2008

MUSIC for The Weekend:

Still Lovin' The Sounds:

~x~SinfullyAnon. 11/21/08.

November 20, 2008

Kicking 'round Kilbassa!

Satire, sometimes, dies on Saturday Night.
I've been kicking 'round this whole "Kilbassa-HNW-Parody" thing, [see: "nightly writes" in Sidebar] and, it seems to me, what I set out to do has embued the project with a lack of resemblance toward the "real thing." 

First off, my knowledge of Montana is obviously lacking. In all honesty, Montana is not the peat-bog I've presented~~dialect, aside, you can't fool a resident (particularly, one as articulate as the "real thing")~~and, for this I apologize.

That said, I'm thinkin: You know, Sinful (wink*), this project isn't half-bad. It may not be "half-nekidd," and it may be half-assed, but you certainly don't have to throw the naked-baby out with the bathwater...

...I mean, what's so bad about a little riff upon the simple simplicity of the "country man"; the timeless evocation of Mythic personages; and, satirical bliss we find in laughing at ourselves. Are we so pompous in thinking ourselves greater than the farmer who watches over his pigs with loving dedication? No, I say..This is America! We have the capacity to celebrate as well as question the Civic nature of our intellect.

And so, I shall find a way to continue in my Parody of "Half-Naked" [I'll spell it the way I want, damnit!] Thursday, knowing it's half-assed reality is only a shard of our shared humanity.

To those who say,  "Satire is dead," I'll reply: 

Maybe so...but, it sure is fun.


~x~SinfullyAnon. 11/20/08

November 19, 2008



November 18, 2008

Monday Music (#2~featuring, The Offspring):

Here’s a truism: You can never put your finger upon who exactly is looking out

for you.

But, if anybody asks,

I‘ll say this in reply:
If I didn’t have a sense of humor I’d be dead right now.

Spread the love~What more can I say?


November 17, 2008

Between Shadow:

Where is one to begin?

To be honest, and yet remain completely anonymous, is a chore.

And so, without placing too much emphasis upon the truth, my endeavor, within these pages will try [in the utmost] to convey those human elements we've shared, in meeting the “truth,” half-way.

Who in their right mind would stand naked before the world completely unconscious of their actions?

It is in our power to conceal, or reveal.

Today, just like any other day, I struggled with “real life.” Beyond the words you've seen here there is a life. (You, reading these words, have your own troubles, hopes, dreams, aspirations; every high and low, same as I do.)

I hold myself back.. afraid. The greatest judge of us, in the end, is most certainly ourselves.

Tomorrow, I hope to share.

And yet, after many years, I still don’t know where to begin.

In this, dear reader, there is hope

~x~SinfullyAnon. 11/17/08.

November 12, 2008


If you got a hankering for some "naughty"
(yipes!) tales~~(am I bored yet?)~~

Click, "no title" on my profile page.

jus' stallin' :


November 8, 2008

Music for the Weekend...Saturday Night:

When you were a kid
you ripped it up. Capital T, baby,
and fuck the Music Man and those
fags on stage.

Now, you know,
it all made sense.

You just weren't old enough to know
your betters,
and the negative influence,
was grace.

Party on, little one. Party on.


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November 4, 2008

All things Equal:


Congratulations, Mr. President.


November 2, 2008

November 1, 2008

Another place:

Jennifer's story...(continued)..
November 1st.
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~slowly, coming back...