October 28, 2008

It is NOT about WANTS...It's about NEEDS...:

I, alone, cannot effect change.
Nobody can do it alone.

I have been given a voice,
born with it,
in order to build words.

The distance grown
more and more,
as the tone and dissonance
are built upon divisional shouting...

...Blinded by fog,
and the coming storm of Winter.

There is a place for open hearts.
There are still words to live by:

Some things are more about needs, than wants.
Tell that to the man on the corner,
as you struggle to define him.

**10/27/08 ~sinfullyanon
I needed to write this today.
There are just to many judges out there;
that's why we listen for the voice in the forest.

This is why bears hibernate in the Winter:
In order to be closer to the comforting voices,
which seemingly echo the trees.


October 22, 2008

~The End~

No value.

To my words,

or thoughts.

There is way too much cruelty
to contend with.

I shall watch and read and write forever.

However, this space has seen its fill.

Only my true name remains,

a testament to the Blessings of you.


Here's a little bit of extra for you all...stay beautiful.

~xx~ & big hugs too!

FINAL POST>>5:30PM>>Eastern Standard Time.

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October 13, 2008

Memorial: Here we go again~:

You'll find me at the "Fall" blog.
~~On-break here!

~x~SinfullyAnon. 10/13/08~2:43PM

Having Fun With Picasa!

"Soft Focus Nude"~10/13/08


Brooklyn Rocks!

I've been listening to TV ON THE RADIO since their last CD ["...Cookie Mountain"]and, I gotta say, this band has some real chops behind it.

Their latest release, "Dear Science," is definitely "The Album of the Year," [thus far]....

..jus' sayin'
It's a leap and a half above the previous. If you love music,
{and, want to hear edgy, out of bounds, new} catch the Brooklyn boys' new stuff.

Here's their "...Cookie Mountain" appearance on Letterman. We saw it coming then:

..Rock on!

Music Videos by VideoCure

~x~SinfullyAnon 10/13/08

October 10, 2008

I know I posted this video before...

...and its one of my own...
...but, I gotta say, its really grown on me.

(This VP nominee was wearing a "lil leatherette" outfit last night...and, all I could think was:

"Hot Halloween In Alaska...Sarah "Trix" Palin."

~x~SinfullyAnon 10/10/08

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If the shoe fits... {Part One}

If I had known--and, who can really know anything beforehand--what trouble would come my way, I never would've been so agreeable, so oblivious, to the consequences.
In every moment I'd spend with Jules there always seemed to be an unspoken wish clinging to our conversation. If we were seated in Tony's Bistro, holding hands, his voice became smooth and sexy; his fingers, massaged the cleft, between my own; his eyes, were two blue pools I'd helplessly fall into; and yet not a word was ever spoken between us.

This man knew me as no man had ever known me. If Jules were here now, reading these words, with a hand upon my shoulder, I'd know exactly what to write:

Dear Jules:
What you've asked of me has left me wet and ashamed. You've gotten what you wanted; all your gazing, your fantasies, leaving me breathless, and suspended.
The shoe could not have been on the other foot, my dear. I was blind, completely blind, to the impulses you drew out of me. Out of some shadow-place, you stepped as a guide, binding my hands behind my back, slipping your long fingers into the waistband of my thong.....

....Like a hot breeze, your voice caressed each ear:

"You don't have to do this, you know."


Yes. I thought I knew.

I trusted Jules.

I loved him.

{to be continued}


10/10/08~ 3:06 AM

October 8, 2008

Only In New York!

This is an Amazing City!

Where else, I ask you, can you find
Harry Potter's Dick,
and Dickens' Classic Tale,

all on One Street?...


October 5, 2008

My Final Political Post...

...until Election Day.

(I don't know about you, my fellow American's, but my mind is made up.)

My decision is very Italian:

~x~SinfullyAnon ~10/05/08.

October 4, 2008

Stir and repeat!

"a short provocation"
~x~SinfullyAnon. 10/04/08

dropping commas:


Sometimes, there are too many.
I'm learning--
really, I am--

to be
more aware.

Let me tell you, --
Between you
and I:

There's nothing more simple
than dropping commas.

Even when things
seem meaningless

one should try to



~x~ SinfullyAnon. 10/04/08-2:34AM