August 23, 2008

SinfullyAnon's Long Island Music Pick!

The next time you're wondering when the next, great, band, will emerge from Long Island, New York....(W/ a tip of the hat to Maroon5)...

..think of "Stealing Jane."
jus' sayin,' kids..:)

Rock out,..Sinfully.



Lil Bit said...

Wow, a couple of SERIOUS cuties in that band! lol

... and glad to see the horn geek section of the marching band found a gig after HS. ;)

Man, I'm winded after watching all of that running in the video. lol

sinfullyanon said...

Lil Bit~~

~~I love bands that use a horn..this week I'm missing DMB's...

Thanks, for dropping in Lil Bit.
( may be the only one reading here!lol!)

See ya, later,s/h.