March 27, 2009

Coming Back Slowly:

I've been posting some bits & pieces,
[at, "Paradise of Reads" ].

THINGS ARE LOOKING A BIT BRIGHTER...GOT A JOB PROSPECT THAT LOOKS GOOD AND I've written some pages I'm very happy with [Novel-in-progress].

I'm taking things slowly: One day at time.

I'll try to keep the blog going; however, it's new home is at "Paradise of Reads."

...see: Profile page.

PS: That's where you'll find links to my favorite blogs, also.

I'm glad to be back.

Love you all,
~x~Abe's Heart.


Christine said...

Welcome back!!

trinity-pup said...

oh that's brilliant!! :-) It's good to have you back... and take all the time that you need.


t. x