December 22, 2009

You run around...

...Doing your best to be happy. You've had that song buzzing your head for the last three days. She sings, and you cannot see anything but the cool emotion, tingling your spine. 

The holidays are tough for me.
This song ...I love.

Peace and love, always,

~x~Abe's Heart.


padme amidala said...

Hope you had a nice holiday! All the best in 2010!

Indigo said...

Happy that's all we strive for in life , not too much to ask for eh? Here's wishing you a fabulous new year for 2010, may all that you strive for... long for... be yours for the keeping. All the very best ~x~ Indigo

Abe's Heart said...

~~~Two good peeps!
Thanks, so much.
Happy, Happy, New Year to you both!