March 25, 2011

Rewind: "The Nude Valedictorian"

The Elks Hall was hot as a brick-oven, set at 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Sweat poured off the walls; poured off, each person packed inside. It wasn't long before the tall, cool, glasses, of Long Island Ice Tea, were passed 'round the main room by white-coated waiters.

Here, amongst the haze of sweating, laughing, red-faced people, he couldn't see the daughter; because, quite frankly, she hadn't arrived yet.

Of course, she wanted to make a proper appearance~~get herself all gussied-up, and back into her cut-offs and tube-top. He could see her father, though :

His friend, the father, stood off to one side of the room, too embarrassed to make eye-contact with anyone.

His daughter, The Valedictorian, hadn't worn the cut-offs and tube-top underneath her gown, and that, (I suppose) was the cause for her tardiness.

She'd graduated, with Top Honors, in Science and Physics and Chemistry, and Microbiology. You'd think she'd make this a good, proud day, for her parents..[but...Oh no, she didn't. ]:

She got to the conclusion of her "Farewell, to the Graduating Class of 2007", and then, shucked her cap, high into the air. So Good!

Then, without pause, she zipped down, the long zipper of her, crimson-colored, gown, and let it fall off her shoulders...There, right there, it laid at her feet. She kicked the gown into the first row seats.


She now stood, stark naked, nude, bare-ass, in front of the entire audience, including her parents, her aunt (who had traveled from New Orleans), her brother, friends of the family (which included myself), and 100's of other's..the parents, and relatives, and friends of the parents & relatives of her classmates.


She stood, nude and gleaming, in the hot, afternoon, sun.

Feet planted, next to the Speakers' podium, everyone could plainly see her body, exposed. Everyone saw.

Some laughed, and others cheered, but that wasn't the consensus. No one stopped her, or draped something, anything, over her. I guess we were all just shocked, and embarrassed for one moved, or took her off stage.

She spouted something about, "Being FREE and LIBERATED!," then, twirled about, and shook her bare bottom at us.

Most of the people gathered now at the "after"-party were friends, and close relatives, of the young Valedictorian. The Elks Hall had been rented, far in advance, and a local swing-band (that played a Rock-and-Roll version, of "Pomp and Circumstance"), had been hired for the day.

As yet, The Lady of the Day hadn't arrived. The Long Island Ice was flowing.


The Father, I know him well. Work with him at the Law firm. Upright guy. Church-goer. Such a shame, that his Daughter, (who, truth tell, I'd only met a few times) seemed like a nice kid.

It just wasn't right. The poor man can't even look at anyone, without blushing scarlet. Can't tell, if his face is red with anger, booze, or embarrassment...but, my guess is:

It's, all three.


Her Father's sister, Aunt Kitty, had come all the way from New Orleans for the big
 event. She was standing next to her brother, when her Niece, (The Valedictorian)came through the front door, striding, into the Elks Hall. His Daughter was wearing the cut-offs and tube-top, once again. She was beaming, smiling. 

It was visibly apparent, to all eyes in the room, the young woman wasn't wearing her panties, beneath those cut-offs. THE TWO, ROUND CHEEKS, OF HER ASS, were peeking out from each hem of the short-shorts.

Those shorts looked like they were painted, molded, to her bare bottom.

Her friends gathered around her, and patted her on the back. Her boy-friend, picked her up, and twirled her about; then, set her back on her feet, and gave her bottom a playful swat, with his open palm. He shook his two, index, fingers at her, with the "SHAME, SHAME" sign.


I was standing next to the Father's sister. His sister watched the Valedictorian's boy-friend, give the naughty graduate a smack on the ass-cheeks, and turned to her brother, and said, "See. That's what you should have done a long time ago, only a little swifter, and proper-like. That girl's spoiled~ ~very full of 'erself, I'd say. You know wat they say, 'bout "SPARING" THE ROD?~ ~ well, I'd say she needs a little lesson 'bout that....Graduation, or not!!" 

** "Kitty, don't you think she may be a little too old for that."

** "Hell, don'cha think she wuzz a little too old to be exposin' erself?"

** As the young graduate made her way around the room, giving and receiving hugs, and kisses, and congratulations, we talked together about the "proper" response to the misbehavior we all were a witness to, earlier that afternoon.

["SHE could use a good spankin' on 'er bare bottom, righ't here, in front ah ever'one," Aunt Kitty pronounced].

** Too put it as gentle as I can..I must say, I was beginning too see Aunt Kitty's point of view. Not only that, but so was the young Valedictorian's Father.

** I watched the Father, walk over to his wife and whisper something in her ear. The wife, (who only minutes before, was staring at her daughter, bending over to kiss a relative, with her bottom thrust out, [showing more skin again]) was now, beginning to smile, just a little bit.

** Before long, Aunt Kitty, and the graduate's Mother and Father, had cooked up a plan of action.

** "Well. That little whipper-snapper's gonna wish she'd kept her gown ON, fer sure! Jus' lookie there, at 'er britches~~She's naked as a babe under those cut-offs. Jus' have a seat young man. You're a Lawyer, am I right? Well, you're about'a see JUSTICE carried out. GOOD AND PROPER!"

** "You don't mean..."

** ..."Jus' wait an' see. I think yah gunna see da young lady's bare bottom again!"

** I sat in a corner chair, sipping Long Island Ice Tea; sweat dripped from my forehead.

** The Father had placed a chair in front of the bandstand.

** The band leader was given a card to read from.

** The Mother stood, with both hands folded over one another, at the edge of the crowd.

** She turned to her daughter and said, with a slight smile on her face,"Well, honey, you sure know how proud of you we are today...but, that doesn't excuse the embarrassment you caused us, and the spectacle you made of yourself..."

** ... "OH, MOM..."

** ..."DON'T 'OH MOM,' ME...Now, you just listen up, it's is your day. I think..and I think I speak for everyone here today, that it would be swell, ah, just super..if you got yourself naked for your party also!

"Really, sweetie, that would be the best thing you could do..."

** "You really want me to be nude for my party...butt-naked, for all my friends & relatives, again?"

** "Sure, we do. After all, you wanted to be 'FREE AND LIBERATED', right?

** "Well, yes, that was the spirit of it, sure."

** "Well, go ahead..TAKE OFF those cut-offs..Take off, that TUBE-TOP...Take off..those SANDALS!!"

** "Geez, it's sooo HOT in here~~might as well be comfortable. Everyone want's to see my BIRTHDAY SUIT, again! Okay Mom. They've all seen everything already, I guess. What difference does it make? It'll be FUN..Great pictures for my scrapbook,, huh?"

** "That's it..Go for it, Jennifer," her Mother replied.

Hard to believe it now, but Jennifer actually went along with her Mother's suggestions. This Valedictorian was full of herself; used to getting what she wanted:

** She didn't give a lick, who saw the shaved pubes, or, the pink lips of her pussy. She didn't care if her asshole was visble, to all, as she bent over, and shook her butt at us! The sweltering sun, all afternoon, blazing down upon her butt-crack, would not have given her the proper sting, the proper perpective, of a bare-bottomed spanking. Aunt Kitty was right: Jennifer was spoiled.

** As the band began to play, the young graduate, got down on the floor, and unbuttoned her cut-offs. She lifted her legs, into the air, and with each hand, pulled the cut-offs at the waistline. She shimmied her butt, as the cut-offs were pulled down, inch-by-inch. She smiled as the people clapped their hands, and egged her onward.

** Her young classmates weren't told of the planning that went into this. For all they knew, this was a spontaneous act, of naughtiness, acted out, with purpose, by Jennifer, once again. Everyone else, all the adults..were fully informed of the situation...[Believe me, I saw more then a few CAMCORDER's and Pocket-Camera's put into service, as Jenny got down on the floor.]

** Then, after much tussling, she finally got the tight shorts down to her ankles. Her bare bottom, and crack, were on full view now. She kicked the cut-offs, across the dance floor, out of reach. With both hands, placed upon her butt-cheeks, she twirled around:

break-dancing, butt-naked, below the waist.

After two swirls, while bringing up the REAR, Jenny, took her hands away from her ass, and lifted each leg in the air. Lying on her back now, supine, she spread each leg out, showing off, way-too-much, for anyones taste.

(It was as if Jennifer were possessed by something beyond her, not able to control her heat, her visible excitement. )

With her eyes, gazing at the ceiling, she kept each of her long legs spread out.

** Then, with a shout of "YES!" Jennifer, kicked both, bare, feet out, sending her two sandals flying, across the room. They landed right in front of her father, seated in front of the bandstand. He picked up a sandal, and turned it in his hand.

** Meanwhile, Jennifer, reached up, lifted her head, and pulled off the tub-top. She released both of her shapely breasts; her nipples erect, standing at attention. Jenny's breasts were not large, but they were beautiful. She really is a beautiful woman...without shame, of course, but I guess we ALL have our lapses in judgment.

** Now Jennifer, was nude again! She rolled, onto her stomach, and lifted her bottom up, off the floor. The Band played a disco beat, and Jenny (as her friends called her), got on her knees and cocked-out her bare-ass at all. She began to shake..shake..shake...her very exposed booty!

** This is when her Father motioned the band to stop playing. He was fuming, I could see, but was trying not to show his anger.

** You could see EVERYTHING SHE OWNED~~Perineum to the MAX!~~vulva to anus! HE couldn't wait, I could see, to wrap his arm around her waist, and take her, ass-bare, across his knees. Waiting for just the right moment, he slapped the discarded sandal, once, upon his palm, then placed it next to him, on the floor.

Jenny got up and stood, facing, everyone~~smiling now, from her head to her bare toes!

** She saw her Aunt Kitty, and waved. Aunt Kitty, big smile on her face, waved back.

** "Hi, Aunt Kitty. I guess you all get to see me in the buff, again. After all, it is MY day. It's soooo HOT, everybody. Thanks for coming, and celebrating with me, on such a HOT-HOT DAY! OHHHweeeooHH,it feels good to be nude, and FREE and Liberated! Thank you, ALL, for understanding the spirit of my nudity today...and the unexpected gesture of asking me to be comfortable at my party too!!

" You guys are great. Guess I showed you all a little more than I should have..but, it's me...just as I was on the day I was born..(Shaved and all, too boot, huh?) This is something I've wanted to do for a long time. I guess I've always had a hankering to be something of an exhibitionist.

"Thanks for letting me have a little fun, on my great day~~I worked awful hard, and made the grade

"Now, you see me fully~~A ripe, beautiful body; toned, tan, and butt-naked, for all to see!!"

** The Father, during his daughter's second speech of the day, took the tube-top and the cutoffs, and went out back of the Elks Hall. He tossed the discared clothes into a Dempsy Dumpster, and closed the lid. Then, re-entered the Hall. (Jennifer would remain Naked, all afternoon, and night.)

**When my Friend, and Law Partner, returned, he sat back down in the chair; watching, and waiting.

** "Can I have everyone's attention please," said the band leader, reading from the card provided, "Including, our special Valedictorian?"

** Jennifer looked over at her Father. Then, her eyes shifted back to the stage. She definitely was beginning to feel somewhat self-conscious. Her face told the tale; a beginning flush of red upon each of her cheeks.

** "Well, son," Aunt Kitty, said to me, "Here goes. She's gonna get just what the doctor ordered. Did you ever see anythin' like that dance she did? Right there, on the floor, spinning on her tummy, an' yah could see see everythin' God gave 'er. She should be completely ashamed of herself..but she's not. She wants to show 'erself. She wants to be naked in public, prancing around in front of ever'body, with her backside bare, and her tits shaking. Well, Well. We'll jus' see about that! "

** The band leader read on :

"There is a special gift..the Father of the Valedictorian would like to present to his daughter. If Jennifer would be so kind as to approach her father, he'll be happy to present her with a Graduation Gift.

"I'm sure she'll find her gift endlessly rewarding. Come on, Jenny! Step on up. That's the ticket."

[The "ticket" reference was added, on the card, in order for Jennifer to think of the tickets to Europe, she had hoped were the gift. Her father & mother paid for a European Vacation..Full tour package, and beaches..All Summer long!]

"Honey, I have a gift for your Graduation," The Father said, "Both, from your Mother & I. Would you walk over here please.That's a good girl."

Jenny, looked around the full room now; her eyes searching the faces of her friends and relatives. We were all kind of staring at her backside...the round cheeks of her shapely bottom. Her females friends, were open-mouthed; not really believing what they were seeing..Jenny, bare naked, in front of all her family, and friends~~jeez, she's gonna get it, all right [That's what her female friends were thinking!]

** Sweat was beaded on Jen's forehead, and her back, and her two buttocks. She gleamed with the exertions of dancing. Her boy-friend, she could see, was smiling, with a half-goofy, grin on his face. Now, she looked as if she were having second thoughts about all this, {God, I'm NAKED~~EXPOSED~~in FRONT of EVERYONE. Oh, Daddy...I'm sooo naughty! So ashamed!...was the look on her face}

** She glanced about the floor, as if she were searching for her clothes..(the cut-offs..the tub-top..the sandals. ) She looked as if she wanted to crawl underneath a rock. She wanted to cover herself, hide. Her ass-crack was shining under the lights, gleaming in sweat..but then, goosebumps began to appear also...a reddened flush, entered Jenny's face.

Oh, she knew now...just how naughty she'd been..she felt too exposed now. She'd just "GRIN AND BARE IT," as the old expression went.

She walked forward, slowly now, and stood before her father. He was seated, both hands folded in his lap. Now, Jenny was standing, right in front of him. She bent forward a bit, and said, "So, Daddy, where's my present, huh??"

** Everyone in the room could hear the audible gasp, rising from one side of the room. Her female friends were outraged at her tone of voice. So spoiled~~they wouldn't dare speak to their parents like this! ("ohhh, my!" ; "Jenny!", was the gasp & consensus: One, swift, spanking...and NO trip to Europe, for this Valedictorian!!)

** "Go ahead, Jenny..Look behind the chair..Is your present there?"

** The moment had come. I watched now, as Jenny held her right arm, across her chest, covering up her breasts; her left hand, she held over her closely shaved pussy~~ to all eyes, a twin to an expelled "eve" in the Garden. She had to lean over, with her bottom facing us...

...lean over, and look behind the chair. {Is that where the tickets to Europe are??}..lean over, now, and look over her Daddy's shoulder. Aunt Kitty and I moved to the side of the bandstand, (watching Jenny, profile now.)

**** Jennifer, ever so slowly, leaned across her Father's left shoulder-blade , and peeked behind the chair. She scooted her ass, back and forth, trying to see through the floor, for her present..being careful not to slap her dad in the face with her bare breasts.

"THERE'S NOTHING BACK THERE DADDY...Where's my present?? What's up, with this...huh??" Shimmying her bottom; trying to be light-hearted about her nakedness..her "naughtiness."

** "SHAME,SHAME, SHAME ON YOU," her father, replied.

And, with that, Jennifer was grabbed, firmly around the waist, and tipped, ever so nicely, across her Daddy's knees. The nude graduate's eyes were staring into the floor; her ass was raised high, with both her bare feet kicking. Jenny, completely up-ended, was now, wiggling upon her father's lap.

Aunt Kitty, standing next me, let out a whoop, and patted me on the back. I spilled my Long Island Ice Tea, onto the dance floor. We watched, as Jenny kicked both bare feet; both her soles, were brown, and caked;dirty, from the stage and dance floor.

Her father held her firmly round the waist, as she struggled to get out of this predicament..{oh, those Camcorders were "recording" it all. Flashbulbs, going off, on all sides}

** "Oh, Jennifer, for shame! Spank her good now, brother!," Aunt Kitty shouted-out.

It was as if a tidal wave had entered the room; a tidal wave of hoot's and glee, from Jenny's female friends; a wave of gasps and exclamations, from the older relatives, (who watched, as their hubby's clicked cameras, and "zoomed-in" upon those two, upraised buttocks) and, everyone, the young and the old, were finally witnessing the all too evident, and now, nude and unhappy, graduate, filling her "scrapbook," not with Vacation photos, but.....This most NAKED moment of all..{"Guess ya can forget about those Nude Beaches you were telling us about..huh, Jenny!," one lone graduate (a red faced, female friend), shouted, for all to hear!}

**At this point, Jennifer had stopped trying to wiggle out it, and kept her head down, and her ass high! With her left leg, just about falling off her Daddy's lap, Aunt Kitty and I were getting an eyeful of the nude graduate's puckered asshole. I motioned to Kitty's brother, to bring her leg back onto his lap....

....with one, quick, look at his daughter's open crack, he took his hand, and gave her one, open handed, spank, dead-center, ("ooOOwwwhAhh")..then, grabbed her dangling leg and propped it, back up!


And so it was:

In the heat of that Elk's Hall, on a bright, sunny, June afternoon, Jennifer Colepepper, received the greatest gift she ever received. All those present, including her dopey boyfriend, had to concur with all they'd witnessed.

** "YOU'RE GONNA LEARN THAT YOU CAN'T ALWAYS DO AS YOU PLEASE..AS YOU WANT.." He smacked her, across both buttocks, hard..then, leaned down and picked up one of her discarded sandals. [Visions of Jenny, tossing the sandal's off of her feet, and letting them fly across the dance-floor, would be re-played, again and again, in the coming years!]

"You want to be Nude, huh?" (Spank*).."OOOhhAwwH"

.And, with that first smack of the sandal, across both bare buttocks, the real spanking began. The white bottom, was soon a crimson patchwork; no longer happy in it's exposure...

** "Shameful, Jenny!..We're proud..but not of your final day in College!"
..(Spank! Whack! spank-spank-spank-!!)

**It was spectacular, strange, and justified, all in the same instant. We'd seen it all, at this point. Jenny's father let into her backside with a ratta-tat-tat, and a left, and right, cheek assault..spanking vigoriously. Just when we thought it was over with; Jenny, resigned, and meeting the sandal, and bringing up the rear, as her father threw the sandal to the floor....

** ....the band, gazing now, from the bandstand, upon the young woman's ass-cheeks,~~~blazing red, along with her face; both her breasts, hanging free, and her ass, lifted high~~struck up, "Pomp and Circumstance" one more., rousing, time.

As, the band played, we began to clap and count out loud....

As the red-faced father, a small smile playing along his lips,

raised his open palm high, once more.

"See..young man," Aunt Kitty said to me, "There's our Jenny! There's the girl...
Our Valedictorian...just righ' ....just righ't"

~~And, for all those gathered....

The band played on...and on, and on,

and, on.

The End.