March 2, 2012

Some More About Jennifer Parkstone

   As Jennifer Parkstone was growing up, she discovered the writings, and photographs, of her "mother's naughtiness." In any event, it didn't take long to expose the secrets: the mud covered body, the spanking in the living room....jeepers! all of it, taken in, in the privacy of her bedroom. Jennifer, at 18,  was getting wet, just fantasizing what her mother experienced in 1969. She began, quite innocently enough, giving herself some hard, self-administered spankings, collapsing upon her pillow, and bringing up her rear, crimson and shaking throughout her body; the orgasm, convulsing her legs, her pussy...even, as to be bold enough to feel the puckering of her newly christened asshole, in the process of masturbatory dreams.
   All of this, still and all, left her feeling unfulfilled. There was an inner shame, which co-existed in her, little twinges of doubt upon the shapely curves of her buttocks. She wanted to expose herself fully, and receive the eventual comeuppance. In this way, Jennifer, like her mother before her, worked herself into a frenzy; giving her imagination its full range of scenes. Her good girl self disappeared, and in its place there appeared those stirrings all too common to exhibitionists. Jennifer wanted to get "caught," wanted to be spanked (even if she had to ask, or plead, for it) while in the buff.
   Her Mother's sister worked in the local library, and as Jennifer thought and thought and thought about it, the library would be perfect place to see her comeuppance realized.
   This was the driving force, the fantasy rolling into reality.
   It was on a beautiful, Summer day, right after graduation, Jennifer put her plan into action.  She passed by the library twice, getting herself girded up, and the entered the building, knowing exactly what she would do.
   "Hey, Aunt June," she said,  "just gotta use the ladies back in a sec."
   Jennifer entered the bathroom, shut the door behind her, and locked it. She stripped off her clothing in seconds, standing before the mirror, stark naked. "Okay, Jen," she thought, "time to go!"


   Leaving her discarded clothes in the bathroom, Jennifer unlocked the door, and ran into the main library, with a huge grin on her face.
    "Hey, Aunt June...look at me," She yelled, "Isn't this the most fetching bottom in the world! It could use a little discipline, doncha think???"
    "Jennifer Parkstone...What in the world do you think you're should be ashamed of yourself....."

      To be continued...

love, Abe's Heart ** March 2, 2012. 


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