March 2, 2007


"The notion that one event causes another, and that the entire chain is a unified whole, with a complex, maybe ambivalent, but, in any case, coherent meaning, not only brings us to a point of resolution, it allows us to navigate through our lives." ~~[The New Yorker; David Denby; "The New Disorder"]

Mr. Denby, was speaking of "The Movies," but he might as well have been speaking of the "narrative voice," and the order that is essential to making any structured narrative coherent. In what follows, as a "Spanking Story" ~~the start, of a series of "a Story," you are witness to a "Middle" of the story told.

Imagine, meeting someone, at a party (lets say). You've never met this woman before. She begins telling a story; mentioning people you don't know. You remain polite, listening, far too engrossed in her story to care, who the "others," are. That is what I hope to accomplish with this Story~~a Confession, of sorts, by Amber.

What appears to be a "punishment," narrative, begins.

The point of view, is Amber's. The story, is her's. The place she is telling it, is "The Spanking Confessions Blog"


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>>> Well. We've made it, Paul and I. >>> For the most part, I've been a good-girl. However, I have to add, it's been hard, at times. Ever since New Year's Eve, I've been thinking about getting that spanking---from Mandy's Father!!! Can't get it out of my mind. Paul, knowing my desires--like a book, now---knows I'm somewhat turned on by his big palm, spanking my bare bottom. Every once and a while, I'll do something "naughty," just to get his goat. As far as New Year's goes, it was pretty embarrassing, all around. Mandy hasn't spoken to me since. Either, has Carol, or Tina. Seems that I've been relegated to a shameful, and non-exsistent place in their eyes. >>>
It was completely my idea. I wanted to see Mandy and Tina and Carol again. I wanted to see Tina, across my lap....I wanted HER to get a proper comeuppance. >>>

It was all her fault.(Things were great between Paul & I, but I felt so alone.) I didn't deserve to lose all my friends over this...over this one shameful episode. After all, I was happy to take my clothes off, and dance---I just didn't want Paul to be the only one to get a spanking, and be humiliated in front of everyone. Paul paid, did ALL of us...except, Tina. Even the spanking she got, wasn't half as embarrassing as the one Mandy & I got, out in the cold, in front of all the nieghbor's. >>>

Paul, I'm sure, felt the same way. After all, he got a wallopping good spanking from Mandy's Mother...His asshole was sore, all the next day!!!!! He's been good as gold, and has treated me like a queen, ever since New Year's Eve. >>>

We've talked about getting married!

I want my Wedding Day to be filled with Family & Friends. Now, any hope of that, has washed away. I've sat with this for four months, letting Paul fill in the empty place I feel....Can't get New Year's Eve out of my poor bottom, and the cavorting & dancing, and spanking each other, and getting caught...bare-assed naked!!!...

...and, then, more spanking, even harder, and this, and ashamed!!!!...

>>> ...I want Tina to get her due. I want to get us ALL NAKED AGAIN, and come together, as Friends...again. I want them at my Wedding, along with, Mr. & Mrs. Kirby (Mandy's Mother & Father). Even if we all get sore, red, cherry-red, bottoms...It'll be worth it!!!

>>> It was going to be my Birthday, on April Fool's Day. [Yes, I know...Born on April Fool's Day..Great!] I asked Paul if I could have a PARTY. I wanted to invite all of my Friends---including, Mandy, Carol, and Tina. >>>

Paul's a sweet, and gentle, really. >>>

"Whatever you want to do for your Birthday, is completely up to you," He said, "Whatever you want I'll go along with. I think it'd be great for us to see Mandy and Carol and Tina again. They've made themselves way-too absent since New Year's Eve. I gotta say, it's still kind of a sore-spot with me...but, like I say, it's your Birthday. We can announce our Wedding Plans...get back to being friends again. Over-all, I think your idea is a good one."

>>> And so, with Paul's help, we sent out invitations. RSVP's....BYOB---big time!!

>>> What Paul didn't know, was that I had some pranks for April Fool's Day up my sleeve.....and everything which you'll read, to follow, happened. >>>

Let's just say, things didn't go---exactly---as I planned them. I need to stand up now; (maybe, get another pillow, or a cool bath for my swollen "rosebud." ) MORE LATER....Love, Amber. PS: It was Paul's Idea, my posting all this on the Spanking Confessions Blog a matter of fact, he insisted on it. Right before he gave me the spanking of my life!>>>Hope you'll get a spanking, or two, out of it.
See you all later, folks! Spanks alot, for reading!!!......

Kisses, again...Amber. [note to reader: To be continued...xx,cain. 3/2/07.]

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