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Photo fun! ~~("Waiting On The Train")

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illustration for a be posted in another venue. x,boo. 12/08/08..11:36AM

So Cold!

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For a Change, here's a Normal post. [Normal? What the heck is Normal, anyway?]...

...My thoughts are running all over the place. This old brain of mine is overflowing and the coffee pot is waiting for a lift. So early in the morning: Cold outside!Is it Winter yet? Seems so. Yes, it is~~screw the Calender, I say..It's Winter.

As they say, "You don't need a weatherman to tell you which way the wind blows." It sure would be nice if they could tell us whether it's Normal or not. A little honesty goes a long way, ya know.

So..Off I go,..Gotta put my Nephew on the bus. He's worth the Cold & the time.

Have a great day all.


-18: Do Not Read!

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This is going to be a very long post.
Hopefully, one day I'll continue this story.
(When I do..(ha-ha)'ll be here.)

A Wedding, Four Friends, and Two Spanking’s
By Amber.

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And so, I’ve ended up, back here, at the Spanking Confessions Blog.


My dear, Paul, of course, insisted.:

“Amber,” he said, “Getting to our wedding day was experience enough; although, you’ve got to admit, the wedding day itself topped all confessions you’ve written thus far. Do you realize, that this time, you didn’t even mean to get naked, (or get spanked, for that matter.”) I remained silent; both eyes, downcast; one hand placed upon my hip; the other, giving my bottom a good, recently spanked, soundly. Paul went on:

“ You were completely taken by surprise. I have to admit, it was all for the best. Several of your friends have been stewing since your Birthday was only right and proper. Now, get your bubble-butt planted in front of the computer. I want Our Wedding Story, and Your Confession, posted tonight.”

Bare naked, I stood in front of Paul, two days after our wedding. He’d given my bottom a good tanning ~ ~ more like a sun-burn, it is. I was quite chastised by his little speech. [This time, my naughtiness wasn’t even my fault; I didn’t set it into motion this time, like my Birthday.

April Fool’s, my Birthday, was only two months ago. Our Wedding was June 27th. ]

“Oh, Paul. Do I have to write it all.....”

“Yes. All of it. Every stitch, and spank, of it!,” he replied, giving my bottom a good smack, as I turned around, and made my way, so sore, to our bedroom, the computer, and the opening words of my confession.

And so,...

...Just as the wind carries hot ash, miles away, only to settle upon a structure, burning it to the ground, April Fool’s day, circulated amongst my closest friends, and their words, eventually, settled far from between their lips & ears.

Of course, Mandy’s Mom & Dad were the first to hear of my Birthday naughtiness ~~after all, Mr. and Mrs. Kirby, had seen quite a bit at Tina’s Birthday Party; enough, to understand the motivation I’d managed, in order to give Tina a comeuppance. [All of that seems so long ago now, even as I scrunch in my seat, writing sore! As a matter of fact, whoever is reading this, doesn’t even know what I’m talking about, unless they read for themselves, “My April Fool’s Day Confession”...


(Jeez! I really set some things into motion, on April Fool’s Day. I really had no idea the consequences would echo into my Wedding Day.) In any event, onward!]

But, it wasn’t Mandy who started the family gossip & plans to follow... Oh no.. that was...Molly.

My Sister, Shannon was a dear. She kept my April Fool’s Day naughtiness under her hat, and told her daughter, Molly, to please do the same.

[My face burns when I think of what I’d done, right there, in Shannon’s house, with Molly, (sweet niece), looking on. (I know, at 17, Molly took my nudity in, with pop-eyes; however, there was a satisfied grin on her face as my bare-bottom got spanked. She was silently amused, I’d say, by the entire, embarrassing spectacle.)]

And so, it really didn’t take long for the “story” to reach the ears of my mother. Shannon & Molly were putting stamps on the Wedding Invitations, as my Mom helped with the dinner dishes. Molly licked a stamp, placed it on an envelope, and then smacked it with her bare palm.

“Done,” she said, “Can I go to my room now. I have a paper to write..”

“Sure, Molly, I can finish the rest of this pile,” Shannon said.

[All of this, of course, I learned the day after my Wedding.]

Molly went upstairs.

Shannon, rose from the table, and stretched.

“I’ll be right back, Mom. I’ve got to go potty..”


As Shannon lowered her pants and panties, and her bare bottom made contact with the toilet seat, the telephone rang.
Molly, up in her room, picked up the phone, on the second ring. My Mom, picked it up after the second ring also. Mom, hearing a conversation already begun, realized Molly had picked up the phone. Instead of hanging up, she listened.
[“I heard Molly’s voice, talking with one of her friends...I didn‘t want to just hang up. Particularly, after what I was hearing. Can you blame a mother for being concerned?!”]

Here’s what Mom heard:

“....No. The wedding was going to be in September, but Aunt Amber and Paul decided to go with June instead....”

“....I bet your Aunt’s really excited huh? Does your Grandma know about your Aunt’s Birthday spanking? Jeez, Molly, that must have been something!...”

“...Don’t be talking ‘bout that, k? It’s between us. My Mom told me not to tell anyone...but you’re my best friend. It was unbelievable, and Aunt Amber really was naughty...”

“Naked, on her Birthday, and getting spanked! Oh, Molly....”
[This was where my Mom hung up the phone. She’d heard enough.]

September. Our Wedding was supposed to be in September, but after talking with Paul, we’d decided upon June. A June Wedding!
[Now, with my bottom stinging, writing these words, all I can think about, two days after, is: “If only we’d waited till September. Maybe, my Birthday wouldn’t had been such a buzz, and nobody would’ve gossiped...or, at the very least, my mom wouldn’t have gotten wind of my April Fool’s Day pranks.”]

It wasn’t meant to be hushed, I guess. I’m just rationalizing all this, I know.


In any event, that night at Shannon’s house, was what set things into motion. I was completely unaware.
When Shannon returned to the kitchen, our mother was sitting at the table, folding envelopes. Shannon, looking back on this night, would remember the look on mom’s face: “Like the cat who ate the canary. She had a glimmer in her eye, and a small smile. Her face was flush. I thought it was just excitement about the Wedding.”

Excitement about the Wedding...

...As it turned out, mom had lot’s on her mind, and yes, my Wedding Day was very exciting, very nerve-propelled, and very, very, unexpectedly, naughty...

(Oh, Paul! How in the world am I going to write this! So, sore!)

~~I need a break, some ice!
**Paul’s standing in the doorway. His arms are folded, across his chest. I know he’s staring at my ass crack, as I scrunch here, so uncomfortable.

I just asked him if I could post this, and come and conclude. Please?

He’s given my few good smacks in reply,
But in the end, consented to this.

[To be continued, and concluded fully:
Next Post.]

Xxoo, Amber.
Long Island, New York.

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Google Groups/2008

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Continued: “A Wedding, Four Friends, and Two Spankings”
Author: Amber.
Spanking Confessions Blog [post date: June 28th, 2007]
Time: 8:42 p.m.


To be able to tell you, without any self-censorship, exactly what happened, seems easier when done far-away from home. [Paul insisted we take the laptop with us; and, of course, the resort we’re staying in has internet access.]
Outside our window, beyond the Honeymoon Suite, a full moon is shimmering up the waves; the tide is rolling in. The night is beautiful, filling my senses, as Paul spills a generous handful of lotion onto both my buttocks~~ such a soothing reward, considering the heat applied there earlier.

I’m lying on my tummy; a pillow, propped, beneath. (I’m presenting a welcome target for his ministrations.) With my head cocked, gazing out at the moonlit water, the thought of writing my “confessions,” float away.

~~(After all, we‘re on our Honeymoon, and Paul’s just being Paul; wanting to be the stern English Gentleman & disciplinarian, while I cozy up, as the naughty schoolgirl [Not that I don’t take a fancy to this, myself.])~~
The fact remains: I’d gotten what I deserve. Paul is so loving, and giving. He truly does have a moral center, and there was no hiding his displeasure with my behavior (which, even I admit, went beyond his “bar-room, Full-Monty”)

And so, now, I’m back here, at the computer...still wanting to linger a bit, upon those smooth, bare buttocks, and Paul’s warm, large hands; upon, the way his hands moved up, and along, the cleave, massaging both my bottom, and my throbbing clit.
Upon my stinging ass, the lotion was doing it business right; both of us, floating away from the crimson reality of my spanked cheeks; settling ourselves, for just a few hours, into the lovemaking we were bound together, to perform....

....[Married!...I’m really married now.]...

...Up till this moment, everything was a kind of blur, (except, what followed the Church and wedding vows.) The Reception was bound to be central in my memory of our Wedding Day. But, for now, ~~ with Paul, caressing me, touching each nook and cranny; his, knowing hands and fingers, commanding my senses, and my sex ~~ the bright, spot-light, of the banquet hall, became dim. And, instead of an embarrassing nudity, on full view, my body is beginning to relish it’s nakedness; responding in ways only Paul could bring out in me. Because at this moment, we were merged as Man & Wife...fully, completely. (It would take a while, before I’d be back here, tapping out my “confession,” I’ll tell you that!)

With my legs spread, and ass lifted, Paul entered me. I felt him, whole, then; all of him. I shuddered in surprise, feeling him now, moving up, and in, without the ribbed condom. His cock felt so good; tickling the very center of my being. His thrusts were easy; as if in taking all of me, he knew to take his time. After the lotion, I was ready as ever:
I lifted my ass, and his balls clapped against my perineum. Meanwhile, he continued to massage my backside with his palms. My arms flung out, grasping the mattress, and the headboard. I could hear the waves crashing, as each, full, thrust of his cock entered me to the hilt.
My breasts, with both nipples raised, were as sensitive as my red, and swollen, bubble-butt. Paul’s hands were doing a playful tweaking, now...and, yes, it was so much more than I’d ever thought it would be.
Our Wedding night, here on the Islands, was everything I wanted, and more. The naughtiness I’d worked up within myself, fell away; the spanking, for all of it’s painful embarrassment, was worth every spank of the palm; every eye fallen upon my bare bottom, ..

...[Now, (looking back, of course) as Paul cried out, “Oh, Amber you’re so good.....Oh, my wife, I love you”...continuing, as I open myself up to him as much as possible, feeling his hard cock, (a beautiful thing, when raised to it’s full stature) filling me up, as I clench it; loosening myself, tingling now, ripples, are merging with the ocean, the waves.. My body is electric; climaxing, just as the crash of water, beats a tattoo, beyond the window. The Orgasm, when it arrives, puts me into another space completely; my hot ass is rippling, ~~face flushed~~ , as Paul releases his seed and collapses upon my back, kissing my neck, my earlobe; and we lie, feeling each other’s pleasure and heartbeat...One...
...One ... One.

(I know. You’re thinking to yourself:

Come on, Amber...You’ve got a confession of another sort to tell!)


Yes.. The Wedding Reception! And, my mother’s little plan’s, falling into perfect place ~ just, like my own did on April Fool’s Day, my Birthday!.

Paul is in the next room. The television is on, and the volume is low. I’m still naked; however, I’ve got a few pillows beneath my butt. I’m still reeling from our fucking.
That’s what it was: fucking, (as, loving and hard and hot, as ever.) Paul, taking me from behind, with his pant’s at his ankles; and, myself:...nude, as some on-her-knees-stripper, shaved below. All I’m wearing is my wedding ring...

(Can you blame me, for dishing some of the details...might as well.....
Those spankings are coming right up. Paul is expecting me to write it all out here. However, it’s up to me how I tell it. )

And, when I come down to earth~~ Oh, I feel so good!~~I’ll continue my tale. You’ll find out, dear readers, I wasn’t the only one who received a spanking on my Wedding Day....
Right! So stay tuned.
Whoops!....gotta go!
Paul, just tapped me on the shoulder.

“Alright,’s time for bed,” he said.

“I’m not done yet, Paul”

“For today, you are...,” he replied, snatching the pillows away, as I lifted my bare ass off the chair.

“......(oh!.. spank*!)

More later,

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Continued: “A Wedding, Four Friends, and Two Spankings”
Author: Amber.
Spanking Confessions Blog [post date: July 5, 2007]
Time: 7: 58 p.m.


Well. Hello, again.


My apologies, are extended to all who’ve been checking back here:

Your comments have been especially welcome~~ (a hoot, and a half, an’ a holler too, as my Great-Aunt Sophie used to say.) As you can well imagine, Paul and I have been quite the cozy couple. He’s given me some quality time; and let me tell you, I haven’t gone one day without a spanking.

(Truth is:
Variety, truly IS, the spice of life; enlivened, of course, by hairbrushes, belts, and, wooden spoons.) [“Just slip the bus-boy twenty bucks....They must have dozens in the kitchen!”~~sure enough, they did!]

Last Night, Paul & I went to Dirty Charlie‘s~~ what a crowd there!:

For the most part, kids in their 20’s.

At Dirty Charlie‘s, it was full-out-fun, for the Fourth of July. I entered “The Fiery Forth, Wet Tee-Shirt Contest,” was splashed down, (“..nothing’ on, but the tee-shirt”) and sure enough, soon, found myself dancing, up on stage, without the tee. Butt-naked again, I bent over, and ended up winning 2nd place; water, beaded, upon my rosy backside.

[The 1st Place Winner, ended, stark naked also; however, she and her girlfriend got themselves into a “love lock,” which, obviously, brought the house down. Two, wet, shapely lesbians, entwined in a perfect 69. The Winner, on top, getting her ass spanked. Meanwhile, yours truly, was throwing her tee-shirt into the first row~~ the guy‘s going wild!~~ and, thereby, taking 2nd place. I couldn‘t have been more shameless...doubly, wet.]


Our honeymoon, has been so, so, wonderful. Paul has been such a dear; attentive and dominant.
My needs include being submissive. Just being around a man who knows how to love, and be dominant, in a loving way, has brought much to the surface. (I never realized just how much I’d longed to be spanked, until Paul arrived, quite unexpectedly, into my life.)

[It’s not only about “punishment,” and “shame,” as I’ve experienced with Mandy, and Tina. New Year’s Eve, and my Birthday Party, were all about getting “caught with your pants down,” and, the “shamelessness” of such purposeful, self-exposure. It was the punisment of the exhibitionist, on “graduation day”: Definition: What is referred to in Police circles, as the day an exhitibitionist, goes “fully nude“, in public, for the first time.]


Paul, in becoming my husband, has changed him; however, more importantly, it’s changed me as well.

Last night, after getting back from, Dirty Charlie’s, Paul gave me a talking to, and it wasn’t a lecture, about “proper behavior,” because, Paul himself, in merging with me, could see his own role in being incorrigable. We stood, together; me, with my bare, red, bottom, and he (the “bare-butt Bar-dancer,” least we forget), in our full nakedness, all our vulnerabilities on view.

“I understand, Amber,” he said, last night, “the role I’ve played in your naughtiness...What I saw tonight was equal to what I’d done, in McGeery’s.
In that, we were both punished, rightly so, along with Mandy, and Carol; along, with Tina, who, in her own shamelessness, ended up receiving a spanking she, in her own way, welcomed, when it arrived~~not, happily, maybe, but wished for, nonetheless...”

“...Everything in its own time..”

“..Exactly. And, in its own place.”


And so, once again, our boundaries were re-set. We both changed, last night, after I took off my tee-shirt, and exposed myself...along with, my crimson, bottom. I didn’t see the change in Paul; however, with each cheer of the crowd, and each shake of my ass, we were moving closer to this moment of realization....Closer, than we’d ever been, in our own place, our own time.

(The Wedding Party, as promised, to follow)


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Continued: “A Wedding, Four Friends, and Two Spankings”
Author: Amber.
Spanking Confessions Blog [July 6, 2007]
Time: 4:00 PM


“Get on with it! When are you gonna write about
That spankin’.”

~Comment, from “asshurtsalso”

“Amber~ Not to be a party-pooper, but this is a
Spanking group. We’re here to read about top/bottom,
Dom/Sub, BSM, get idea. It seems to me, and I’m sure
You will correct me, if I’m wrong, you’re not being particularly forthcoming in your confession. **I’ll have you know, we’ve waited long enough, to get to the meat of your confession. **Paul, if he has any sense at all, will despense with the lotion, and get your ass, confessing!!

~with, sincere,
Clive (from, Middlesex)


Note to my readers:

Your suggestions, have reaped a firestorm upon my bottom.
I’m really in trouble now! Guess, Paul was thinking the same thing..

I admit, I’ve been somewhat evasive.
No lotion, or breaks, for me!

(’ll be happy to hear, I’ve got a sunburn upon my bottom too...!)

Be patient, with me. Thanks & spanks, to all.



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Continued: “A Wedding, Four Friends, and Two Spankings”
Author: Amber.
Spanking Confessions/Group/Blog [July 7, 2007]
Time: 7:00 AM


Paul has packed our bags. Upon the bed, my clothes are laid out and readied.

Now, our Honeymoon is just about complete.

Our time here couldn’t have been more perfect. I’m seated, before the patio door, overlooking the beach; a cool, morning, breeze, brushes my skin, as I write.

We’ve managed to come to terms with each other; reveling, in our surprising compatability; sharing, stories we’d only skidded over; touching places, not only sexual, but within ourselves; and, finally, after we’d revealed all that could be revealed, our merging, our marriage, brought us back together, once again.

We’d traversed our foibles, and now, being equal, (as suited together, as any two people who’ve known love) like familiar friends, Paul and I, are well met, once again.

Our flight, back to New York, departs at Twelve o’clock. Paul’s given me ample time to write my confession. Except the clothes I’ll wear to the airport, he’s stored everything away.

Our suite of rooms, includes a living room area, closed off from the bedroom.
(That’s where you’d find my hubby now, remote control in hand, watching the Weather Channel~~ “..a tropical depression, off the coast of St. Thomas...”~~ eye-balling the seas and skies.) Yes, my Paul‘s a geek; however, a loveable geek.

My orders, given with a smack and a tickle, are to “Get down to the nitty-gritty”:
Re: “The Wedding Party, four friends, and two spankings,” I’ve avoided, while having fun; [Frankly put, some extraordinary sex, and, a wet-tee-shirt contest, are not the “confession,” our readers (and, Paul) had in mind.]...

...Nonetheless, fun for both of us, he admitted,...while packing up my clothes, and books; my lotions, and sunscreen, and, undergarments, all. On-top the four-poster bed, laid out:

the sundress, a bra, (no panties!), and a brand new pair of sandals.

...Which, brings us, dear readers, back, full circle, to my very sore, and, sun-burned, bottom. (my mistake! Forgetting, to re-apply the “Ole’-sunscreen-cream,” after swimming. )

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Continued: “A Wedding, Four Friends, and Two Spankings”
Author: Amber.
Spanking Confessions/Group/Blog [July 7, 2007]
Time: 7:45PM

And, so!:

“The Nitty-Gritty: The Wedding Party, Four Friends, and Two Spankings” ~~finally.


It would be safe to say, my mother was a far better instigator of misbehavior than I could ever be:

The woman is a genius, who was raised within a strict, Catholic, household, where rules mattered. [In this sense, Shannon and I, grew up, pretty much in the same way, my friend, Tina did.]
There was, in our upbringing, consequences to the breaking of rules; however, I can say, without any hesitation, our mother, and father, (both), never took matters of discipline into their own hands, so too speak. Shannon, and I, were never spanked as children; the threat of a “bare-bottomed spanking” was enough to curtail our misbehavior. In the McCarthy household, “time-outs,” and “grounded for the week-end” were the consequences usually applied...our minds, in the course of growing up, were more important to the day-to-day activities of our lives, than a sore behind.
This is the difference, right or wrong, between Tina’s upbringing, and what would be seen in the McCarthy household. Tina is the daughter of a Minister, a Pastor, of the Church of Christ; her upbringing, included the “spare the rod..” philosophy, absent in Shannon’s and my own. Mandy & Tina, (both, good friends of Paul & myself) knew what it was to be turned over their father’s knee, and spanked.
And so, when my mother, overheard Shannon’s daughter, Molly, in conversation with her friend, ...This, conversation:

“....No. The wedding was going to be in September, but Aunt Amber and Paul decided to go with June instead....”

“....I bet your Aunt’s really excited huh? Does your Grandma know about your Aunt’s Birthday spanking? Jeez, Molly, that must have been something!...”

“...Don’t be talking ‘bout that, k? It’s between us. My Mom told me not to tell anyone...but you’re my best friend. It was unbelievable, and Aunt Amber really was naughty...”

“Naked, on her Birthday, and getting spanked! Oh, Molly....”

...The wheels in my mother’s mind, began to spin; her planning of my Wedding Day took on a whole new, and secret, aspect. By the end of my Wedding Party I’d finally feel the consequences, Shannon, and I, up too this moment, only experienced (in my mother’s mind) as “fun;” as, a “Birthday Spanking;” as, “getting everybody naked, and spanking each other,” (this, is what Tina told my mother, a week before my Wedding..My Birthday Party, it seems, was still a sore spot with her, regardless of her own naughtiness, and “looking’ for a spankin’”)...

Oh yes, it was a revelation for my mother, without a doubt! By the time those Church Bells were a’ringin,’ my mother had gotten a thumbnail sketch of Paul, and Mandy, and Carol, and Tina’s misbehavior, along with my own, “shamelessness.”

[Here, then, for those who may have stumbled upon this “confession” (without reading Paul’s posts, or my own), is the thumbnail-version my mother gathered, in coffee klatches, on neighbor’s patios, and assorted telephone conversations, as “follow-up, second-sourcing.”
Like I say, my mother is as in-tune with news-gathering, as Carl Bernstein.


The Bare Facts:

[1.] Paul, “set everything in motion,” after he’d “Dropped his pants, on the bar, in McGeery’s.”

[2.] Tina & Mandy, hatched a plan, to “punish” him for his “drunken, misbehavior.”

Tina, being, “highly offended, by Paul’s behavior, at McGeery’s thought a bare-bottomed spanking, would give him something to think about.” “He’s wild when he drinks..,” Tina, told my mother.

[3.] Tina, invited, Mandy and Paul, “over to her apartment, for brunch.”
The plan was to have Paul submit to a spanking, after brunch; “..but, my propane tank was empty, an’ I had to go out and get it filled,” Tina explained, “...I was gonna make some veggie burgers..”

[4.] “Paul talked me into table dancing, and...I don’t know..I just did. I was up on Tina’s coffee table, dancing, when she returned,” said, Mandy, blushing. “Both, Paul and I, were completely..uhh, nude.”

[5,] “He [Paul] kicked my Jesus Statue, and broke the head off. I gave them both a good spanking, side-by-side...They ate their dinner, standing at the table, with their red bottom’s facing the window..,” Tina admitted, with a gloating look upon her face; (almost, gleeful, my mother, would take note.)

....The rest, as they say, is history. “One spanking, lead to the initiating of another one, on and on:

Mandy, gets even with Tina, on Tina’s Birthday;

Tina & Carol, plot their revenge for New Year’s Eve;

Paul leaves Mandy, and begins going out with Amber, after New Year’s;

and, Amber, brings everything full circle at her Birthday Party...

...[April Fool’s day]...getting herself, her three friends, and Paul, naked and spanked;”
A regular, at McGeery’s, was happy to report to my mother, ending his narrative with:

“...Shannon, [Amber’s Sister] was getting a real kick out of spanking Amber, let me tell you, was a complete hoot, seeing that,” he added, chuckling into his beer. “Can I get ya a drink, Mrs. McCarthy?”


And so...
Two days before my Wedding, my mother had gathered enough information.

She had everything in place, and ready...Paul and I, were oblivious of anything out of the ordinary. The Wedding Reception would be held at my mother’s Summer House in the Hamptons.

(to be continued..xx,Amber )

Better?...You Better, You Better, you bet!:

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This isn't THE WHO.
It's the What, where, and When:

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From boo2 at Sat, 06 Dec 2008 17:13:25 -0800

~~Sam : As the song says, "I don't know the why" :)

~~silent Whisper: Do you know Cherry Cheesecake??? lol!

From silentwhisper at Sat, 06 Dec 2008 15:43:36 -0800

I don't recognize that bum.....pic????

The next hint is????


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What about the why?

Here is some truth!

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Write your entry here...I really am having a rough time of things. I don't really know anymore how much I can give of myself before I lose myself. Caring for an aging parent is tough (anger & dementia are tough)...I'm scattered, as always, but still the same guy I was..Newyorkboy..adam..does not matter.

I love my friends... and if I never had started blogging in 2005, honestly, I'd be more alone than ever right now.

All I want to do is lay back,

in a softly lit room,

and listen to some music.

It's so much better than listening to shouting...and, losing whatever
value I have in this world. I'm a needless entity ("feelings are not facts")....or..forward:

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From captron52 at Sat, 06 Dec 2008 10:45:44 -0800

I know first hand just how hard it is to care for an elderly parent.Good luck to you and even tho its a tough job it will be very rewarding after the parent makes their transition. Hang in there!

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Kisses...Close your eyes and good tunes

From Wednesday at Thu, 04 Dec 2008 23:27:42 -0800

First, thanks for stopping by my journal. I love getting comments from new people.

Second, so sorry to hear you're having a rough time. My mother is quickly losing her mind and her hearing. I see what's coming and it scares me. It's so hard to watch this happen to the ones we love.

Stop by any time. I keep odd hours.

My favorite words! :

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Write your entry here...Well, I'll be damned!

remove | q april favorite julie ass red bare write crutchins & room spanking officer each eyes entry upon bottom she'd lady bucket living both wasn't cindy naughty ** herself glenn's wife body naked big couldn't nude pussy looking i'd reading began spanked book you're across took paint hand ~~(That JournalBot! So naughty! :)

Amazing! I never knew they keep track of this shit! (whoops! there goes another "favorite.")


From greeneyes67 at Wed, 03 Dec 2008 22:17:03 -0800

You're Bad!

Boo says: Eat the Shadow, baby!

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/> ~x~boo.

From boo2 at Wed, 03 Dec 2008 18:58:06 -0800

~~Red Rover~You obviously have been paying attention to how gay "phrases" can accumulate in a media obsessed society.
"Gag me with a spoon," is like, totally,
out there,, gag me...

Nice try..(Well I asked for "no matter what." See what I get. Smart asses!

Kiss* my rosy American,


From RedRover at Wed, 03 Dec 2008 12:08:02 -0800

Oh, gag me with a spoon!

From boo2 at Wed, 03 Dec 2008 03:05:03 -0800

AND ...

Wednesday TOO!


Call To Service (revised)~12/02/08

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You just have to embrace your vices

in order to lose them.

You tried:

The struggle is so costly.

The moon

hangs in the sky

like a bright, clean, fingernail

calling me to work

just a little bit harder

than yesterday.

Where does your passion lie

this Morning?

luv yez, Boo.

I've been so many peeps...which one do you like best???:

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Okay. Let me be serious for just two friggin' minutes,k? Now, I know that you know who I am and its okay if you know who I that? Good.

Now: If the world were a simple place, where everybody could be who they want to be (without a whole lot of grief in getting there) then I'd say: "Great, Boo! Just be who ya are..who gives a great big dump, anyway!"

I'm just more comfortable being Boo, that's all.
I mean, I could be Adam or NewYorkBoy or ShortbusNormal or Will or ...frigg!:
Andrew Jackson!!

Ain't the World fun, when you calm down & know that you
don't have to be yourself all the time.
That's Boo's rant/philosophy for today

(oh! Did I tell you I write poetry too!:)


Of course....

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Write your!:

.....this could have started out a whole-lot differently. He would've never had seen an ass~~particularly, a bare ass~~and, then we'd be reading a whole other Journal. Oh, he tried to gaze at his own ass..Impossible! He doesn't even have peripheral vision!

Don't you see where humor lies? Childish, yes...However, well constructed from the finest materials of smut. Reading is never a baseless, thoughtless, endeavor; we are molded by these models (whether they be naked, or otherwise)....the capstone, our Ancestors, our Parents, passed down to us, as they held a book in one hand [The Good Book] and a bristle-brush in the other [Mom & Pops spanking good catechism ....

I think that enough thought for one day!

Damn, this guy is good! ~~x~~boo.


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...Boo can be such an ass..a wild-thing, who offends with a photo, an idea, an outrage, gone bad!
Oh, saints of JS, save me, from the folly's of Youth & the short-sightedness of the Aged!

Come, listen to the angst as it settles itself across the land...dipping into my Favorites,
with all the gall it can muster!

(Yes! I am the Ghost of Andrew Jackson. Go fuck yourself, Benton...)

~x~Boo. (You don't like don't haff-taa!)

Those Oh So swingin' Days of Old!

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Oh, those days on the telephone! Those warm nights, indoors, watching "Your Show of Shows"..just a lil peek of cheek got you all hot 'n bothered.

"Sarah, for goodness sake, you're so naughty," Cindy cackled, into the phone. "You should see 'er Maddy..shakin' her bottom...Well! Yes, of course, I'm gonna spank her!

Sarah was a "party gal" sweet...

...Ahh, bottoms! Those were the days!


From boo2 at Fri, 28 Nov 2008 07:08:49 -0800

I totally missed that...
Well. I am "a man obsessed with ass," ya know.


From Fake-Brunette at Fri, 28 Nov 2008 00:22:36 -0800

it was the scary leppord print that had me laughing

Getting Motivated for The Holidays!!

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book artworkContinue your entry here...I've just finished reading this book. Absolutely wonderful. Character & place..It's been a long time coming, but my feeling is: The Novel is back.

I found myself re-reading sentences~~in a good way:
Not because of a lack of concentration, or attention, but because
of the shear beauty of it description. Not a word is out of place.

I'm not even going to tell you what this book is about, or who the characters are, or where
the Novel takes place.

Trust me. It's a fine, fine, read.

~x~boo. 11/23/08

From greeneyes67 at Sun, 23 Nov 2008 20:34:52 -0800

I'm in need of a good book. I was just thinking that. I think I'll go to the library tomorrow..


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...Write your entry here...

...Hold on, once again.


enter your title or subject here.

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Write your entry here...I'm having trouble posting links! <<

(See post below)

Some Questions,...Answered!

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I recently joined a Social Network Site (for Singles..(and, not) Their 40's..or, 40's+_*)...Yep! I'm in my 40's & Single.

The site is called, TeeBeeDee (check: tbd(.)com) and I have to say it's a good, fun, site with some very lively Groups. (check it may join and have fun.

Here are some Questions I Answered for My Profile:

Q. Where would you live next? A. L.A. ~~Half the year...New York ~~The other half Q. Best insider tip for where you live? A. Green Technologies...(whisper it in "The Graduate") Q.I always wanted to live _______ A. ...Long Life...Longevity, has it place...~MLK Q. Frankly, my dear, I ________________A. Wish I could spank you like all the other Southern Boys Q. Favorite grocery store aisle? A. Produce, baby! Q. The difference between you and your parents is? A. He's so friggin' Depression Era ..It's Depressing.!!edit | remove Q.I wish I had never __________A. streaked when I was a teenager.edit | remove Q. What is your principal defect? A. It's on Standby, right now ..I'll get back to ya,K?edit | remove Q. Favorite comfort food? A. Bagels.edit | remove Q. What can occupy an entire Saturday? A.Thinkin' 'bout confession on Sunday...:(edit | remove Q. What’s your favorite quote? A. "As our cases are new, we must act anew and think anew" ~LINCOLNedit | remove Q.Fox News or Lehrer Newshour? A. C-SPAN, damnit! da-bestedit | remove Q. Favorite movie hero? A.Tom Joad (Henry Fonda) “Wherever there's a cop beatin' up on a guy, I’ll be there.” edit | remove Q. Pabst Blue Ribbon or Milwaukee’s Best? A. Moylin's (Nothern Cali Micro-Brew~FOUR STARS)edit | remove Q. What historical event are you glad you were alive to witness? A. The Election of President Obama...Yes We Can!edit | remove Q. Risotto or Rice-A-Roni? A.THE SAN FRANCISCO TREAT!! :)edit | remove Q. Bury me with my ______A. Souledit | remove Q. The difference between success and failure is ______A. Hat size.edit | remove Q. When no one’s looking I... A. write erotica and post it on a sex blog.edit | remove Q. What do you do to make the world a better place? A. Smile; say hello to stranger; help old ladies across the street; and, all the usual stuff people in New York don’t tend to do. ,edit | remove Q. Sailboat or motorboat? A. Sailboatedit | remove Q. If you were an animal, which would you be? A. a very frisky rabbitedit | remove Q. If you were a candy bar, you’d be _________ A. Snickers:)edit | remove Q. What was your worst job? A. CVS (sales Associate...They have truly poor management .. lawbreakers!_)edit | remove Q. What's your recurring dream? A. I'm always naked, damnit!edit | remove Q. Favorite poet? A. Czeslaw Miloszedit | remove Q. Favorite painter? A. The Little Dutch Boyedit | remove Q. My favorite board game is: A. Shoots & Laddersedit | remove Q. What can you do that nobody else can do? A. Cure hiccups!edit | remove Q. Favorite villain of all time? A. Sweeny Toddedit | remove Q. You can sing lead vocals with any band...which? A. James Taylor...(but, he's not a band)edit | remove Q. What is your favorite vacation getta-way? A. What's a vacation??!edit | remove Q. If you could choose immortality, would you do it? A. Nope! (Well...only if I wasn't around to see it)edit | remove Q. Golfing or Fishing? A. Fishing!edit | remove Q. Crossword puzzles, sudoku or solitaire? A. Sudoku ("God Bless you":)edit | remove Q. What was your childhood obsession? :)..those darn naughty school-girls!edit | remove Q. If you can't sleep what do you do? A. Answer these Questions! duh!:)edit | remove Q. Favorite costume party theme: A. Exotic & Erotic (Oh, San Francisco, here I come!)edit | remove Q. If you came back in your next life as a road sign, you would say: A."MERGE"edit | remove Q. What TV show would you want to guest-star on? A. E.Redit | remove Q. What's your favorite flower? A. a rose is a rose is a roseedit | remove Q. The first word you think of when we say...Bill Clinton A. imperfect.edit | remove Q. Who would you want to be trapped in the elevator with? A.Otisedit | remove Q. Facial hair or clean shaven? A. Clean Shaven (sometimes, I let it grow on the weekends ..strange, aye?)edit | remove Q. Can you keep a secret? A. Sure. Can you keep mine?edit | remove Q. Your life story in 6 words A. It is something, forever, becoming new.edit | remove Q. What should you be doing? A. taking it easy! (less stress ..more fun...less | remove Q. Favorite movie ending? A. "Rosebud".....edit | remove Q. In 10 years, I’ll be: A. Hopefully, still alive & kickin':)edit | remove Q. Favorite spice? A. Heck! All five of them...or, was it six..edit | remove Q. Favorite recently read book? A. "My Sister, My Love," By, Joyce Carol Oatesedit | remove Q. What is your favorite TV show? A. Charlie Rose (intelligent, one-on-one convo)edit | remove Q. What would your Olympic event be? A. The slow walk to China & back.edit | remove Q. If not yourself, who would you be? A.Will Smithedit | remove Q. What's your favorite summer ritual? A. Nude beach, with speedo in fanny-pac [j/k]edit | remove Q. Worst medical test you've ever taken? A. This isn't it?edit | remove Q. I'm allergic to…A. Alcohol! (seriously...:)edit | remove Q. I have made it a rule never to _____________A. make rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!never!edit | remove Q. Seinfeld or Friends? A.Seinfeld (Jerry rules ..even while driving!) that's Long Islandedit | remove Q. Your favorite dating sites? A. Don't really have one. I like reading "Singleness in your 40's"[note: Now “40/20”] :)edit | remove Q. What is your favorite virtue? A. I don't care about TMI.. I'll tell you anything about myself, warts/alledit | remove Q. My 15 minutes of fame were...A. Having the lead in "Crossing Delancy"...kiss the girl, Sam!edit | remove Q. I’d love to ship my spouse off to...A. ~~Someone already did, apparently ..she's not here and never was!wink*edit | remove Q. What's in your pocket? A. a pen, my keys, and lint.edit | remove Q. Electric or unplugged? A. Unplugged...(My MTV is a rich & broad experience:)edit | remove Q. To succeed in life, you need these two things: A. Confidence & the ability to laugh at yourself!edit | remove Q. Hockey skates or figure skates? A. Figure skates (when they're on a figure skater)...not me!edit | remove Q.I can't believe it's not _______________A. Ripley!!edit | remove Q.I love the smell of _________ in the morning A. coffee. (jus' bet you thought I was gonna say "napalm," right?:)edit | remove Q. Best place to celebrate a big birthday? A. The Trick-see Spanko-Rama, on Route 110.edit | remove Q. Leno or Letterman? A. Letterman (NEW YORK! rules)edit | remove Q. Childhood hero? A. Batman (before he became depressing)edit | remove Q. Worst ice breaker at parties? A. A Hammer.edit | remove Q. Best solo vacation spot? A. Staycation, you mean? Oh, the places you will go!edit | remove Q. Favorite body of water? A. Excuse me, while I take a sip.edit | remove Q. What do you need more: manicure or pedicure? A. Neither.. but, I wouldn't turn down a good foot massage.edit | remove Q. What do you buy in bulk at the warehouse club? A. Soft Soap ..damn, I'm not kidding!edit | remove Q. Would you rather be lucky or smart? A. Lucky would be nice ..but, smart is kinda forever ain't it:)edit | remove Q. Miles Davis or Herbie Hancock? A. Miles, and miles, of smiles!:)edit | remove Q. Overrated destination? A. Bangalore,India (but, that's going to change..keep watching)edit | remove Q. If you could time travel, where would you go? A. Emily Dickinson's Bathroom (don't even ask me why!)edit | remove Q. Flat Screen TV or World Peace? A. World Peace, definitely ..w/a Capital Pedit | remove Q. Tony Soprano or Michael Corleone? A. Tony! Forgettabout it!edit | remove Q. What’s rocking your world these days? A. My blogging activities are getting lot's of fun attention:)edit | remove Q. Cosmo or Beer Bong? A. Cosmoedit | remove Q. Which Animal House character are you? A. The one with the Devil & angel on his shoulders!edit | remove Q. Which animal symbolizes you? A. The fickle Foxedit | remove Q. If money were no object, what would you do with your time? A. Write, Write, and Write, some more!:)edit | remove Q. What should you do on a second date? A. Exchange medical Histories.edit | remove Q. To lose 20 lbs., I'd give up _________A. eating.edit | remove Q.Favorite Broadway musical?A.UrineTownedit | remove Q.St. Bernard or Shih-Tzu?A.St. Bernardedit | remove Q.Cabernet or Merlot?A.Merlotedit | remove Q.A pet name you call your honey...A.Cheerio-lover!edit | remove Q.What's your car's name?A.Nike.edit | remove Q.Can men and women really just be friends?A.Sure. Why not?edit | remove Q.Time flies when you're _________________A.asleep.edit | remove Q.You've met someone online, where do you go for the first date?A.Internet Cafeedit | remove Q.Biggest lie you ever told?A.See: "Bobbing for apples" Answeredit | remove Q.What is your favorite family tradition?A.Bobbing for apples, naked.edit | remove Q.Mac or PC?A.PCedit | remove Q.I always wash my hands after I __________A.take a leak.edit | remove Q.The sexiest piece of lingerie is:A.the thongedit | remove Q.What happens in Vegas, ___________A.happens in New York!edit | remove Q.What do

[what a mess! ...heh-heh! ~x~ boo.]

From boo2 at Fri, 21 Nov 2008 18:57:20 -0800

~~It's nothing bad. I'm just curious about what kind of reading material she'd have in there.


From breath-e at Fri, 21 Nov 2008 18:49:35 -0800

Emily Dickinson's bathroom....hmmm. (I'm not asking)

What strikes your fancy??

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Got a story idea? A favorite "scene"? Something you'd like to see in a story..

Send me a short PM, (just a lil outline..that's all.)..and, I'll do the rest.

Now, ain't that fun??


Posted Thu, 20 Nov 2008 00:14:48 -0800 by boo2 permalink
Tagged: general, love, other, personal, random

I'll be back in about an hour.

If you're reading this now, that means I'll be back at 1AM-1:10AM (Eastern Standard Time).

If I'm not, begin without me, k?

(i'm so friggin' lazy today. .....see ya, later,

boo-lovers ["heh-heh"]:)

Blast From a Blogger Past:

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Tagged: Spanking, friends, general, love, music, random, blogging adam

Music Playlist at

From thenewvoice8 at Tue, 18 Nov 2008 17:47:13 -0800

Quality entry!!

Although it cracks me up, so to speak, that Americans use the word Fanny when meaning an Arse! Childish but still.

Sometimes, you just have to travel:

Posted Sat, 15 Nov 2008 23:37:27 -0800 by boo2 permalink
Tagged: exhibitionism, family, getting whats due, humor, Paula Parkstone, Spanking, Story

Okay. I'm not going to write my entry here. I just not,k?
I don't "always," have to write here, right? I mean, who in their right mind, only write in one place?

You can find writing everywhere; it's all around you. Dang-blast-it! Its even in your head, just waiting to pop out and spill all over a blank sheet of loose-leaf.

So go ahead. Don't just sit on your ass reading these words:

Go traveling, and read these.

You just may find yourself giggling, or locked-up, or in restraints in a mental ward..

..That's what happens when you step outside the box; daring to believe you'll never get
caught with your pants down. Some writing truly does have a moral..

..this one..well, it's there~~the Moral~~and, "SinfullyAnon" is all the better for writing it.

Travel, friends, if you want to read & learn:



From Fake-Brunette at Sun, 16 Nov 2008 00:50:49 -0800

smile we all travel in differnt ways

Everyone should have days like this!

Posted Sat, 15 Nov 2008 05:08:47 -0800 by boo2 permalink
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Your photo will appear at the top of your post. Erase this text and continue your entry here...

(Then, again...maybe not.)


Getting attention can lead to trouble,...

Posted Sat, 15 Nov 2008 04:54:54 -0800 by boo2 permalink
Tagged: getting whats due, life, news, the law they say.

But, who IS "they" anyway.

I never thought I'd get in trouble. I went about being a player: not caring and fucking every short skirt I could; getting down with the lowest characters this side of Hell.

I could be childish: So happy with my clothes off I'd dare to get naked anytime the feeling struck me; big dick, (or, small, depending on the weather!)swinging free; bare ass, bent over, (at a Party!) looking for a few spanks from the ladies.

Yes, it was a troublesome long as it would last.

Now: I'm sitting on a cold bench, with a red bottom. Damn!


They..Who are they, you ask?

Answer: Those guys who just told me I have one phone call to make..So make it good.



Posted Fri, 14 Nov 2008 01:46:02 -0800 by boo2 permalink
Tagged: friends, life, love, other, personal, poetry, testing

Write your entry here...!

Do you like poetry? If you do try a taste of mine.
Let me know what you think,k?

a space without bounds

(is it safe?...Is it SAFE?...IS IT SAFE!!!)


From boo2 at Thu, 13 Nov 2008 22:53:09 -0800

Sure took some doing getting that "link"
After 3 three years of blogging..and, I'm STILL a Novice!


Jus' Stallin' :

Posted Wed, 12 Nov 2008 01:48:26 -0800 by boo2 permalink
Tagged: Preview : imagination, life, music, personal

stalling @ Yahoo! Video

I'll be seeing you all in a few days..



Julie...and, The Perils of Nude Mud-Wrestling (Part Two):[repost..w/visual]

Posted Wed, 03 Dec 2008 20:34:00 -0800 by boo2 permalink
Tagged: family, friends, humor, life, spanking mud wrestling, repost visual

Write your entry here...

She couldn't explain it to herself or anyone else.

On that fateful night, hangin' with her friends everything seemed to just free itself:

She didn't feel as if she were doing something shameful. She didn't feel ashamed, at all. As a matter of fact, it wasn't until she'd felt her mother's palm, spanking her bare bottom, that she'd felt just a little bit regretful. The injustice of it, warming her fanny, seemed to be the least of her troubles...

...She shimmied her bottom, trying to shield her buttocks with her hand. Julie, with her juices still flowing, caught in the act of masturbating, was now feeling each of her ass cheeks, getting good and spanked.

"So, young lady, you want to wrestle nude for the whole world to see, aye?," her mom, shouted, as her momma's open palm descended, again and again, smack-dab upon each of Julie's upraised cheeks; each sound smack, falling to each buttock in a hard, fast, sequence; Julie, slipping & sliding, bare as a baby, between both legs (sexy, pussy, shaved!)now, once again, nude as the day she was born, lying across her mom's knees.

Now, it was clear as ever to Julie what her friends had been up too!!:

They wanted this to happen, Julie thought to herself (!), as her mom continued lecturing and spanking her; they knew that video was going to be uploaded and they were just hooting at her...knowing she'd get in big trouble.

Julie had to admit, she was acting all "naughty" and daring just for the attention. She wanted to show the guys that she wasn't a prude and was tough too..her body was beautiful..she was so hot and daring.

Her Girlfriends were snickering, egging her on, under the hot lights of the dressing room as she pulled her panties off and unclasped her bra. When she was nude, strutting around the dressing room they each gave her bottom a smack for good luck, and yelled, "Go out there, and spank her ass, Julie. You're ready now."

Yeah, she was ready alright. Head held high, with her backside shaking, Julie entered the hall, strutting proud, punching the air with both fists..nude and gleaming in sweat..eyes, falling on the men, taking her in, glazed attention, moving across her legs, her breasts, each uncovered part of her gleaming under the spotlight...

Now, on this Sunday evening, all unihibitedness leaving her with each hard smack of her mother's palm, Julie resigned herself to the spanking and soon she didn't even try to shield her backside. She found herself, with her clit rubbing against her mother's skirt, moaning in a strange combination of pleasure as well as pain...

"owwwh.., that sorrr-eeee..," she cried...

...and, yet, the spanking was oddly...pleasing...please...Oh!


The strange part of all this was, in the weeks to follow, Julie would return again and again to that night she'd gotten spanked and in turn the night of the Wrestling match.

There would follow a couple of years when Julie would ask her boyfriend to give her a spanking and he'd comply; sometimes with his palm; sometimes, with a hairbrush. She kept herself shaved and her pussy would quiver and she'd roll onto her tummy, lifting her bare ass and her sex, her shimmering opening, full on, would bring their fucking into full shine.

She began to truly enjoy the sting and warmth of his palm; his cock entering her, after the spanking and his balls slapping against her perineum sent her into such a climax, all pain was forgotten.

...She could see herself, rolling on the Mat, slapping her opponents ass, as her boyfriend's cock went deeper and deeper inside with each, steady thrust

....again and again.

The "young lady" was no longer a child; no longer the saucy sixteen, looking for some "wild fun."

There was a willfulness to Julie's behavior going contrary to her parent's expectations.

And so, it was only three years later, Julie entered the professional ring; shedding all modesty and, in the parlance of business professionals, "made Lemonade of Lemons"... ...or, in Julies case, regardless of getting her ass spanked, "Having it a go~~giving a show~~rollin' in oil...bare, for the whole world to see!"

Sometimes, you just gotta read something the second time 'round:

Posted Sun, 09 Nov 2008 11:54:11 -0800 by boo2 permalink
Tagged: family, friends, getting whats due, humor, life, spanking mud wrestling

Write your entry here...

If it wasn't for the upload, Julie, [note: fictional name], may have taken her winnings and no one would've been the wiser. The wrestling match, took place on Saturday Night; the crowd was a mix of men and women, sipping luke-warm beer, and watching with a fixed cheering.

**Julie, bare-ass naked, wrestled in the kiddie-pool ring; her backside and shaved pussy, on full view, as she pinned her opponent to the mat. Such were the naughty, goings on, in her small town...

...Julie couldn't resist the 200 dollar prize money and was beer-filled herself on this Saturday Night.

Her friends talked her into doing it and the giggling was infectious when she said, "Oh, what the hell..200 bucks..I'll beat her ass good," as she marched, shoulders back, towards sign-up table.

**She was 16years old but told the sponsors she was 18.

**From that moment, as her friends took their seats, and awaited Julie's appearance, any thought of this night being revealed, was as far away as the moon...all eyes, including her best "gurl-friends," were riveted upon that rubber square, where Julie rolled, huffed, and puffed; where, the bright spotlight picked up every pore, every inch of her sweat dappled buttocks, every, hard, rub upon the rubberized mat~~reddening, each ass-cheek like foreshadowing of things to come...

...Oh yes! Exposure, would follow swiftly.

**The next night, her Father was searching "sports trivia" on the web. There was a small reference to "wrestling," and "extreme" which drew him to a video upload sight....

...There, before his started eyes, was Julie!

**Julie was in her room, with the music turned up...

...Sunday evening, now.

She was thinking of that 200 dollars, burning a hole in her denims....she was thinking of the naughty, nude, wrestling and her opponent~~("I really beat her ass good," Julie thought, as she pulled her denims down, and her panties..a finger, now, upon her clit..."her ass was beet-red!..her pussy, so wet; I could feel her, smell her excitement, as I spanked her ass, and pinned her down...")

** Meanwhile, in the next room, her Father had already called her Mom into the bedroom and they watched the video; watched it three times, not believing what they were seeing.

{"Is tthat really, JULIE!. Maybe, it's just someone who resembles her?"}

** Then, as the video was re-run a fourth time, and the bare-bottom shifted before their eyes, the breasts, once again...There, they noticed a small birth-spot....and, had to be Julie..

["Where was she last night? The video is dated Sunday morning..."]

** Julie's Mom didn't wait for her husband's answer. She walked right out of the bedroom, and then opened Julie's bedroom door...

** "ohhh,,awhhhh...," cried, Julie, as she wiggled upon her bed, nude now, with her legs spread, fingering herself....her ass, lifted off the bed, as her thighs, jiggled into climax...."soooOO, hot, nude and spanked, good..good and spanked..ohhh..awwh"...cries, Julie, orgasmic, and wet...ass up, high.

** Well. You can just imagine the bare bottomed spanking, which followed this little escapade.

** These days, think of Britney Spears, and then live oppositely.

** Julie..I believe, could tell you the same. ** [okay?]

~X~Boo! (another moral tale, for you...)

My Comeuppance [Part One]:

Posted Sun, 09 Nov 2008 10:54:07 -0800 by boo2 permalink
Tagged: humor, politics

There was too much light in her eyes on the day she finally got an upper hand. I know, you don't have to tell me, my sentences are running all over the place. That's what happens after you've been spanked soundly and the keyboard becomes an uncomfortable companion; needless to say, I do plumbing for a living, and writing is not exactly my strongest suit.

Did I mention, I'm sitting here in my Birthday Suit.

Honey...[Joe addresses his wife here]...I gotta get myself a cold ice-pack and a cold beer...Damn! Why did you have to pick Election Day to turn the friggin' tables on me!

(to be continued)

IN DRAFT: "My Comeuppance" [photo collage, by boo]

Posted Wed, 29 Oct 2008 05:51:22 -0700 by boo2 permalink
Tagged: Preview : imagination

Are ya waitin' on dat story?

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Why Spanking?...You may ask.

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"My Comeuppance"
(a true story)



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The Lady In Red **

"Imitations produce pain or pleasure,
not because they are mistaken for realities,
but because they bring realities to mind."
~~Dr. Johnson, in his, "Preface to Shakespeare."~~


She told me, long afterward:

Long after the party, (and, all of what had occurred at the party) that it was "all Cindy's idea"---[the idea, being, to leave her buttocks, unpainted.]

Cindy, as they envisioned the body-paint, mentioned the movie, "GOLDFINGER.":

"Remember, The Bond Girl who gets killed at the beginning of the movie?..She dies because they paint her entire body GOLD. She couldn't breathe, her body couldn't breathe and her skin couldn't breathe... so she died.

"If you're going to do this April, you better leave an area of your body unpainted."


That's how it began. I know April just wanted to be the center of attention...(get the hoots, for BEST COSTUME)..I knew that.

However, it was April, (in a fit of uninhibited glee) who'd suggested the costume "idea" to Cindy. All it took was a shopping spree to Home Depot and an afternoon's planning. Cindy, knowing what April was about to embark upon, agreed to do the paint-job.
[Yep, even I would say, it was quite a good paint-job. Quite, quite, indeed.]


My love, my

...She was head to foot, RED PAINT (except for her two, bubble-butt, ass-cheeks.) Stark naked, beneath a London Fog raincoat; her bare bottom, pale and white.


I was running late at work so I told April I'd meet her at Glenn's House. All afternoon Cindy and April had been preparing this extraordinary costume.

Cindy brought over the "CRIMSON RED," Paint, and the rollers. April, wearing a terry-cloth robe, met her at the front door. They went into the garage, where April had laid down upon a large drop-cloth. April took off the Robe, and laid down on her back. Cindy rolled the Red paint, along the length of her body. She touched-up her face with Red paint also. Her eyelids were dabbed with sparkles.

My Girlfriend was now "The Lady In Red":

Thinking about the prize money, and, her inventiveness..("My pussy was sopping, just thinking about you seeing me so exposed," she admitted, later)...Beautiful, but NUDE...Completely Nude! April had shaved herself; her pussy was bare, as the rest of her. She'd put on a pair of white F.M. pumps and a long, dark, London Fog raincoat. At 8 p.m., she'd meet me at Glenn's house; arrived at the Halloween party of the year.


"Hey Sweetie, I'm all ready for Halloween!," she said, "Let's go. I need a drink".

Hustled into the house, I didn't have time to think about a thing; and, didn't get any kind of heads-up from Cindy~~Cindy, was already inside, bobbing to the music, and shimmying her ass to a mix-tape, booming from the speakers, like a new drug.

I looked into her RED face, and wanted to say.."HOLD UP, a MINUTE"..but, everything was happening too fast; too quickly, to respond.

I was dressed as a Forest Ranger..Ranger RICK! Don't know where I'd gotten the Idea from, (but, my brother, who's a Forest Ranger had the
uniform, and....Well, that explains me.)

My Girlfriend, April,.. was, April..(What can I say??...


...It all happened so quickly.)

April rang the doorbell.

Glenn's wife answered the door.

Together, we stepped into the brightly lit hallway. April took off her raincoat, and handed it to
Glenn's wife. She walked away from both of us, April did; and, with a twitching of her backside,on into the sunken living room~~headed for the bar.

"That's quite a COSTUME," Glenn's wife said.

I was about to reply something, anything,...

...but, she interrupted me, "Ya, know..there's an off-duty Policeman at the Party tonight. He's a good friend of ours. Officer Crutchins is,... how shall I say this, THE BOOK. You better get his ear
Rick, or your very cute Girlfriend's going to find her cute butt in jail."

Cindy saw April now. She ran over to her, and April turned herself about, showing Cindy the results of her handiwork. Cindy, was all "ohhh's" and "ahhs,"of course.

Cindy knew April had gone kind of far with this,and, in a way, was looking too see April taken down a peg; there was just too much glee in Cindy's eyes.From across the room, where I was standing, it seemed as strange, and unexpected, and naughty, as anything April had ever done~~at least, while in public.

(After all, this wasn't "THE EROTIC/EXOTIC BALL, in SAN FRANCISCO", we were attending.):

This was suburbia, Long Island~~{Christ, she wasn't even up for a cash prize, as she, mistakenly, thought!} It was just a well-attended, neighborhood Party; attended, it seems, even, by a Policemen~~(in Uniform...costume?..unbelievable!)

I had to make this right.
Ranger Rick..To the Rescue!


"Where's the cop?," I asked Glenn's wife.

"He's in the kitchen, now..thank God.."

"Okay..Thanks, Eve,..sorry 'bout this, I'll take care of it."

"Don't worry, Rick..It's okay..I'm sure it'll be just fine. You'll think of something to tame that beautiful bottom."

With those words, chiming in my ears, I made my
way to the kitchen. The living room passed me, in a blur. I could see April walking through the living room, saying hello to the other costumed guests. They diverted their gaze, looking into her eyes. Her body was gleaming Red, off-set by those white FM pumps on her feet; her pert breasts were a picture of devilish perkiness, both nipples raised;her body was completely on-view; her flesh tone, only enhanced by the paint. The over-all effect was sexy, exciting, and shameless..all at once.

April, I knew was being naughty, but she was beautiful, nonetheless. Her friends (Cindy & Myself..even Glenn & Eve), could take this, and have fun with it. [Shocking, but cool..all the same.]

It was that off-duty Policeman I had to appease in some way. I had to do something, but what?...What?.....


She was RED..Completely red, except for her bottom; her bare-bottom.

(Wait a minute..Glenn's wife..what did she say:

"You'll think of something to TAME THAT BEAUTIFUL BOTTOM."

...Of course, I thought to myself, as I neared the kitchen,The Cop would go for this..It's Halloween!....She deserves it, and it's all in fun.

The LADY IN RED is going to be ALL RED when I get through with her; right here, in front of everybody : Snow White; Spiderman; The Werewolf; Jack Sprat & the Baker's Wife; Little Red Riding Hood; George Bush; Condi Rice; Igor; and, all the others who dressed in clothes...

...except April. Beautiful April.


The Cop, was standing near the fridge, sipping an ice-cold Bass Ale. He looked like a Cop, because, he was dressed like one (and, even if he were not in uniform, he'd still look like a Cop.)

I walked right up to him. All I wanted to do at this point, was keep him out of the living room.

"Nice Costume," I said.


"Rick,..Rick Graves. Tonight, I'm Ranger Rick, as you can see."

"Great Rick..Good to meet ya."

[He shook my hand. I don't know, maybe he could see something in my eyes that said I needed something from him..a favor..something. His eyes were on me, and the kitchen entrance at the same time. He could read me, a mile face said, "I need to tell you something...I,..."]

"You can call ME, Officer Crutchins," he said.

This wasn't going to be as easy as I thought; not by a long stretch.

"Officer Crutchins, I need to talk to you..that is, before you make your way back into the living room."

"Okay,...Shoot, Ranger Rick."

Well, Here goes, I thought to myself..just tell him, and give him your plan. The PLAN, yes..the PLAN.


Turns out, Officer Crutchins was very open to my idea/PLAN. He didn't want to do the paperwork, see the judge, or any of it. His quota was filled for the month of OCTOBER, and the job was not going
ride on one NAKED LADY, having fun on Halloween.

So, as they say on Broadway, On WITH THE SHOW!

"Let's wait till they're bobbing for apples. I think that would be the best time," Officer Crutchins said.

"Okay, sounds good," I replied.

Together, we went into the living room. I got myself a Bass Ale (England's good!) and, with Officer Crutchins , in tow, we went right up to April. She was seated on the sofa, both legs crossed, demurely, and looking up at us.

"April, I'd like you to meet Officer Crutchins.."

"Am I being arrested for indecent exposure?"

"Oh, no..never, my dear. It is shocking..just a
bit.. But, it's Halloween..The naughty can be acceptable, sometimes."

Officer Crutchins held out his hand, and lifted her from the sofa. She went with him, holding onto his firm shoulder blades, and leaning into his arms, as they began to dance. I stood off to the side, with Glenn's wife, watching them dance.

I kept my eyes on April's bare bottom, her bare ass, so white and gleaming; as if oiled, in stark contrast to the rest of her. She was red..the color red..dancing. I could pick out the parts of her; her breasts, round and firm, pressing against Officer Crutchins chest, as they swayed together. Her pussy, shaved close, bare, and red..everything highlighted..everything out there.

Yes, she was being completely naughty, so bad..but so good. Everyone could see, (she didn't care. All eyes were watching, (the Women and the Men) as April danced with Officer Crutchins;...Crutchins, massaging, both of her buttocks with big hands;... his badge, brushing against her nipples.



...they also knew:


"Well, Rick," Glenn's Wife said to me, "Did you solve the problem?"

"I think so.."

"Great..We all look forward to seeing the TREAT..coming out of this TRICK. She deserves it, you know."

"Yes..I know," I replied, knowing that Glenn's wife was looking forward to seeing the END results.

Glenn came up to me then, shook my hand,

"Quite a girl, you've got there..real pretty Rick..but, maybe a little too exposed..for Halloween, aye?."

"Yes..We'll see what happens next."

"Well, Got to get the apple-bobbing contest underway..see ya later chum. Hey, no problem, with your Girl's costume..Kind of like
it..real cool,..the LADY IN RED..literally."

Officer Crutchins was right
Because the contestant was blindfolded, the Apple-bobbing Contest was best.

"Hey April," I said, "You should definitely go for the apple bobbing contest.. Those red apples, in the bucket..bending over, and trying to grab them with your mouth..God, that would be HOT!"

Of course, she went for it. She'd be the first to try.

The bucket was set up, in the middle of the room, with everyone standing around it.

April called out, "ME FIRST. I WANT TO GO FIRST..OKAY?".

We all, let out, with a burst of applause... She would DEFINITELY..GO FIRST!!

Someone handed me a black blindfold. April stood in front of me, with her two hands behind her back..clasped together. I placed the blindfold over her eyes.

She couldn't see a thing. Couldn't see herself; her nudity. Her
openness, was no longer there for was gone, unconscious. She
was smiling, anticipating, and ready to kneel before the big bucket of
red apples. She kept her hands, behind her back, and I guided her to
the bucket. She kneeled down, and put her face into the bucket. I stood
back, standing next to Officer Crutchins, knowing that I had to go
through with this..or he'd have to throw the BOOK at HER.

"Are you ready, Rick? Wait till she gets an apple in her mouth. I'll take her in if you don't follow through, you know that?"

"Yeah, I know that. A deals a deal. She deserves it, I guess. You have to admit though, it's a great costume.."


With that, April bent over the bucket and lifted her ass up in the air. We could see everything she owned; her asshole was visible to all assembled, gathered 'round the bucket. She put her head into the bucket, and shook it there. We watched, as her bottom was up-ended, and her two breasts were swaying side to side; grabbing and biting, and chewing...going for those apples..apples..GOT

..She GOT ONE in her MOUTH.

Now's the time.

Before she could drop the apple from her mouth, I walked up to her, and
grabbed her by the arm. Officer Crutchins, removed the bucket from the center of the room, and I took April over to the sofa, holding her by the earlobe now.

She kept the apple in her mouth, and it wasn't more than a matter of seconds I had her over my knee, and was spanking both her bare, white, cheeks.

With the first whack, the apple fell from her mouth, and rolled across the living room floor. She kicked both legs~~the white pumps, shaking, and falling to the carpet..both, bare feet, wiggling. April, was crying out with each swift crack of my palm upon her bottom. Those cheeks were going pink, now, blending in with her crimson spine and legs..her naughty backside jiggled, centerstage; the crack, cleaving, exposing her puckering, pink anus, like a rabbit's twitching nose...lifting up her ass, getting redder and redder.

I concentrated upon one buttock and then, the other, in a right, left spank. My hand clasped her 'round the waist.

"Oh, RICK..Ohhh,,awwhhowwh! Stop..oh.."

.... as Glenn's wife turned up the Booty-shaking music..and I whaled away, doing a tom-tom on April's bare fanny.

"Guess you missed a spot, April. Happy Halloween."

Officer Crutchin's stood off to the side, watching with glee, along
with everyone else. It felt good, spanking her--(have to admit it.) She
shook like a leaf in the October breeze; a fallen woman, given place.
Getting a comeuppance. There was something sweet about this spanking. It was public, and out there, for all to see...but I knew that, after this night, it wouldn't go any further. I could count on Glenn & his
wife, for that. Everyone got a big kick out of the show; especially,
the Women attending the party.

April grabbed the blindfold, as she cried
out, and pulled it from her face:

"Rick!!...OhhhhawwwwwHHoohhh..stop,ohhhTHAT..ohhh..,"as I continued to spank her.

I held on fast.

She began to shudder, cry; tears flowing.

I picked up the blindfold she'd dropped, and as the assembled party guests began to clap...I whipped her bare, CRIMSON bottom, with the blindfold.

Officer Crutchins, was calling out the number, along with everyone

Glenn's Wife,put on another CD.. began playing, Michael Jackson's "BEAT IT".

This was Halloween after all. Cindy watched, gleeful. She thought April
looked cute as ever with a red bottom...

[My Lady in Red. The guys all go
crazy for the LADY IN RED]...

KID, again and again and again.


"I deserved it, I guess,.." She told
me, later, on the Day of the Dead.

We lived through this. We were
alive. Our friends loved us. They wouldn't talk, or tell tales. She is with
me STILL, my love,...



What the heck!

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No..You did NOT see that!


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You're cracking a smile!
Thanks, for dropping in.

This is the "new" stuff.


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I see a crack, but it's not a smile.

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a new name...

Testing, all along,




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