August 18, 2009

Did you ever?.....

Did you ever feel like writing something, even when you're drawing nothing but blanks?; the blanks of writing, I mean....They're like, totally out of sync with everything else, once you get the bloody words onto the bloody paper. It all looks like some Englishman's inflection, gone to fucking hayseed, ya know what I mean?
There isn't any words sitting between my legs, dumbass. So, what's this shit all about.

Christ, if I know. I'm just gonna sit here, like the f-ing Karaoke-King, and drink cool water and wipe my brow, sweating like a pig, see?...

Oh! go to buggers! I know you. I do. You're gonna leave this fucking gin-mill and toddle on home, and damn well write every god-damn word I'm saying. All for the love of your self-masturbatory life...Go on, bugger off..see if I care?

Yeah. But, did you ever???


Lil Bit said...


Abe's Heart said...

Lil Bit~~Hey you! ...jus' playin' 'round with some dialogue..limbering up, exercise, that's all. Thanks, for the visit. I gotta stop and drop in on you soon! xoxo