August 4, 2009

On The Beach:

In praise of the female form, Summer Time is the perfect time for the "bottom-man"
You know "the bottom man," surely; he's the one who's gaze lingers, long after she'd walked away; he's the one who massages sun-tan lotion, and sunscreen, onto the two hemispheres of her ass, her golden-tan ass, buttocks, backside, rump, and booty.

On the beach, you'll find her, stretched out, in all her glory.

Here where the shore meets with the horizon, the "bottom man," smiles, while doffing his cap. She is hot. She is matching herself, with nature on her side. She is the glorious Summer-time's ultimate attraction....attraction....attraction....

....attraction. With, praise,



`x~Abe's Heart.
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