October 22, 2008

~The End~

No value.

To my words,

or thoughts.

There is way too much cruelty
to contend with.

I shall watch and read and write forever.

However, this space has seen its fill.

Only my true name remains,

a testament to the Blessings of you.


Here's a little bit of extra for you all...stay beautiful.

~xx~ & big hugs too!


Sarah said...

Maybe I'm reading too much into this, but you're not saying you aren't going to post anymore, are you? I love checking up on your blog. It's very interesting and unique.

Don't give up! We love you.

(If I totally misread the meaning to this post, I apologize lol, but I do still love it!)

sinfullyanon said...

Sometimes, real life is such an extraordinary bitch.

I try to be as stable as anyone else;
however, the cost of silence breeds
anger and discontent in equal measure.

These days, my self-esteem has been trampled upon..I live with a "bull in a ChinaShop,"...

Its very hard to write about,
and harder to live.

My mind is taking A VACATION.

I'm exhausted, Sarah. Physically, and mentally, exhausted.

Why does everything have to be two steps forward and three steps back.

There is no on in my life who
so much as gives me a hug..no one.

Just another Guy! said...

I will be posting a final story, ["The Lady In Red" (revised)] for Halloween, next week.

I've had this one in "draft" for quite some time. Keep checking the "Fall" blog, if you're interested.

~x~SinfullyAnon/Just Another Guy.

Miss Honey said...

This is powerful writing. Clearly filled with deep emotion. I am honored to share it in.