October 28, 2008

It is NOT about WANTS...It's about NEEDS...:

I, alone, cannot effect change.
Nobody can do it alone.

I have been given a voice,
born with it,
in order to build words.

The distance grown
more and more,
as the tone and dissonance
are built upon divisional shouting...

...Blinded by fog,
and the coming storm of Winter.

There is a place for open hearts.
There are still words to live by:

Some things are more about needs, than wants.
Tell that to the man on the corner,
as you struggle to define him.

**10/27/08 ~sinfullyanon
I needed to write this today.
There are just to many judges out there;
that's why we listen for the voice in the forest.

This is why bears hibernate in the Winter:
In order to be closer to the comforting voices,
which seemingly echo the trees.



Princess said...

That is so true... there are far too many judges out there. People never seem to learn to live and let live.

Lil Bit said...

Hope all is much better now, s/h.

*big hugs*