November 17, 2008

Between Shadow:

Where is one to begin?

To be honest, and yet remain completely anonymous, is a chore.

And so, without placing too much emphasis upon the truth, my endeavor, within these pages will try [in the utmost] to convey those human elements we've shared, in meeting the “truth,” half-way.

Who in their right mind would stand naked before the world completely unconscious of their actions?

It is in our power to conceal, or reveal.

Today, just like any other day, I struggled with “real life.” Beyond the words you've seen here there is a life. (You, reading these words, have your own troubles, hopes, dreams, aspirations; every high and low, same as I do.)

I hold myself back.. afraid. The greatest judge of us, in the end, is most certainly ourselves.

Tomorrow, I hope to share.

And yet, after many years, I still don’t know where to begin.

In this, dear reader, there is hope

~x~SinfullyAnon. 11/17/08.

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