November 25, 2008

A Quiet Companion:

Why is it we never see 
Beneath the surface of things? 

When all is quiet
I'm on tether-hooks:

Suspended, within all the unasked for noise;
Although, singing 
A soft prayer

For the Quiet .


PS: Taking a well needed rest..Love, to all, till Monday.
Happy Thanksgiving!


Lil Bit said...

Shhh! Enjoy the quiet of Stillness, s/h.

.... and Happy Turkey week! =)

Christine said...

Because we are in such a big hurry, and we only see what we wnat to see.
Heavy sigh .... guilty as charged.

sinfullyanon said...

Lil Bit~Thanksgiving turned out to be quite nice. I've got a lot of good peeps in my family~~found that out by spending some time with my brother & his wife's family...It wasn't "noise," or was listening & loving.
Tonight, I'm a lot happier..


Christine~ Sometimes, what at first glance seems deep isn't deep at all. My emotions are sometimes given too full an accounting~~I'm way too sensitive (to Sound, noise, anger, bullying...) and, can be hurt very easily. I know this about myself,~~(anyone who had trauma in childhood knows how deep the hurt goes and how quickly the feelings rise to the surface of things ["beneath the surface..."])~~and, I'm always on-guard, in standing outside of myself, when things get too stressful...or, "noisy".

I just write whatever I'm feeling at the moment...and, sometimes hope for that moment to pass, in writing it.

Thanks for reading.