November 20, 2008

Kicking 'round Kilbassa!

Satire, sometimes, dies on Saturday Night.
I've been kicking 'round this whole "Kilbassa-HNW-Parody" thing, [see: "nightly writes" in Sidebar] and, it seems to me, what I set out to do has embued the project with a lack of resemblance toward the "real thing." 

First off, my knowledge of Montana is obviously lacking. In all honesty, Montana is not the peat-bog I've presented~~dialect, aside, you can't fool a resident (particularly, one as articulate as the "real thing")~~and, for this I apologize.

That said, I'm thinkin: You know, Sinful (wink*), this project isn't half-bad. It may not be "half-nekidd," and it may be half-assed, but you certainly don't have to throw the naked-baby out with the bathwater...

...I mean, what's so bad about a little riff upon the simple simplicity of the "country man"; the timeless evocation of Mythic personages; and, satirical bliss we find in laughing at ourselves. Are we so pompous in thinking ourselves greater than the farmer who watches over his pigs with loving dedication? No, I say..This is America! We have the capacity to celebrate as well as question the Civic nature of our intellect.

And so, I shall find a way to continue in my Parody of "Half-Naked" [I'll spell it the way I want, damnit!] Thursday, knowing it's half-assed reality is only a shard of our shared humanity.

To those who say,  "Satire is dead," I'll reply: 

Maybe so...but, it sure is fun.


~x~SinfullyAnon. 11/20/08

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