September 16, 2008

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sinfullyanon said...

A Wedding, Four Friends, and Two Spanking’s
By Amber.

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And so, I’ve ended up, back here, at the Spanking Confessions Blog.


My dear, Paul, of course, insisted.:

“Amber,” he said, “Getting to our wedding day was experience enough; although, you’ve got to admit, the wedding day itself topped all confessions you’ve written thus far. Do you realize, that this time, you didn’t even mean to get naked, (or get spanked, for that matter.”) I remained silent; both eyes, downcast; one hand placed upon my hip; the other, giving my bottom a good, recently spanked, soundly. Paul went on:

“ You were completely taken by surprise. I have to admit, it was all for the best. Several of your friends have been stewing since your Birthday was only right and proper. Now, get your bubble-butt planted in front of the computer. I want Our Wedding Story, and Your Confession, posted tonight.”

Bare naked, I stood in front of Paul, two days after our wedding. He’d given my bottom a good tanning ~ ~ more like a sun-burn, it is. I was quite chastised by his little speech. [This time, my naughtiness wasn’t even my fault; I didn’t set it into motion this time, like my Birthday.

April Fool’s, my Birthday, was only two months ago. Our Wedding was June 27th. ]

“Oh, Paul. Do I have to write it all.....”

“Yes. All of it. Every stitch, and spank, of it!,” he replied, giving my bottom a good smack, as I turned around, and made my way, so sore, to our bedroom, the computer, and the opening words of my confession.

And so,...

...Just as the wind carries hot ash, miles away, only to settle upon a structure, burning it to the ground, April Fool’s day, circulated amongst my closest friends, and their words, eventually, settled far from between their lips & ears.

Of course, Mandy’s Mom & Dad were the first to hear of my Birthday naughtiness ~~after all, Mr. and Mrs. Kirby, had seen quite a bit at Tina’s Birthday Party; enough, to understand the motivation I’d managed, in order to give Tina a comeuppance. [All of that seems so long ago now, even as I scrunch in my seat, writing sore! As a matter of fact, whoever is reading this, doesn’t even know what I’m talking about, unless they read for themselves, “My April Fool’s Day Confession”...


(Jeez! I really set some things into motion, on April Fool’s Day. I really had no idea the consequences would echo into my Wedding Day.) In any event, onward!]

But, it wasn’t Mandy who started the family gossip & plans to follow... Oh no.. that was...Molly.

My Sister, Shannon was a dear. She kept my April Fool’s Day naughtiness under her hat, and told her daughter, Molly, to please do the same.

[My face burns when I think of what I’d done, right there, in Shannon’s house, with Molly, (sweet niece), looking on. (I know, at 17, Molly took my nudity in, with pop-eyes; however, there was a satisfied grin on her face as my bare-bottom got spanked. She was silently amused, I’d say, by the entire, embarrassing spectacle.)]

And so, it really didn’t take long for the “story” to reach the ears of my mother. Shannon & Molly were putting stamps on the Wedding Invitations, as my Mom helped with the dinner dishes. Molly licked a stamp, placed it on an envelope, and then smacked it with her bare palm.

“Done,” she said, “Can I go to my room now. I have a paper to write..”

“Sure, Molly, I can finish the rest of this pile,” Shannon said.

[All of this, of course, I learned the day after my Wedding.]

Molly went upstairs.

Shannon, rose from the table, and stretched.

“I’ll be right back, Mom. I’ve got to go potty..”


As Shannon lowered her pants and panties, and her bare bottom made contact with the toilet seat, the telephone rang.
Molly, up in her room, picked up the phone, on the second ring. My Mom, picked it up after the second ring also. Mom, hearing a conversation already begun, realized Molly had picked up the phone. Instead of hanging up, she listened.
[“I heard Molly’s voice, talking with one of her friends...I didn‘t want to just hang up. Particularly, after what I was hearing. Can you blame a mother for being concerned?!”]

Here’s what Mom heard:

“....No. The wedding was going to be in September, but Aunt Amber and Paul decided to go with June instead....”

“....I bet your Aunt’s really excited huh? Does your Grandma know about your Aunt’s Birthday spanking? Jeez, Molly, that must have been something!...”

“...Don’t be talking ‘bout that, k? It’s between us. My Mom told me not to tell anyone...but you’re my best friend. It was unbelievable, and Aunt Amber really was naughty...”

“Naked, on her Birthday, and getting spanked! Oh, Molly....”
[This was where my Mom hung up the phone. She’d heard enough.]

September. Our Wedding was supposed to be in September, but after talking with Paul, we’d decided upon June. A June Wedding!
[Now, with my bottom stinging, writing these words, all I can think about, two days after, is: “If only we’d waited till September. Maybe, my Birthday wouldn’t had been such a buzz, and nobody would’ve gossiped...or, at the very least, my mom wouldn’t have gotten wind of my April Fool’s Day pranks.”]

It wasn’t meant to be hushed, I guess. I’m just rationalizing all this, I know.


In any event, that night at Shannon’s house, was what set things into motion. I was completely unaware.
When Shannon returned to the kitchen, our mother was sitting at the table, folding envelopes. Shannon, looking back on this night, would remember the look on mom’s face: “Like the cat who ate the canary. She had a glimmer in her eye, and a small smile. Her face was flush. I thought it was just excitement about the Wedding.”

Excitement about the Wedding...

...As it turned out, mom had lot’s on her mind, and yes, my Wedding Day was very exciting, very nerve-propelled, and very, very, unexpectedly, naughty...

(Oh, Paul! How in the world am I going to write this! So, sore!)

~~I need a break, some ice!
**Paul’s standing in the doorway. His arms are folded, across his chest. I know he’s staring at my ass crack, as I scrunch here, so uncomfortable.

I just asked him if I could post this, and come and conclude. Please?

He’s given my few good smacks in reply,
But in the end, consented to this.

[To be continued, and concluded fully:
Next Post.]

Xxoo, Amber.
Long Island, New York.

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Google Groups/2008

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Continued: “A Wedding, Four Friends, and Two Spankings”
Author: Amber.
Spanking Confessions Blog [post date: June 28th, 2007]
Time: 8:42 p.m.


To be able to tell you, without any self-censorship, exactly what happened, seems easier when done far-away from home. [Paul insisted we take the laptop with us; and, of course, the resort we’re staying in has internet access.]
Outside our window, beyond the Honeymoon Suite, a full moon is shimmering up the waves; the tide is rolling in. The night is beautiful, filling my senses, as Paul spills a generous handful of lotion onto both my buttocks~~ such a soothing reward, considering the heat applied there earlier.

I’m lying on my tummy; a pillow, propped, beneath. (I’m presenting a welcome target for his ministrations.) With my head cocked, gazing out at the moonlit water, the thought of writing my “confessions,” float away.

~~(After all, we‘re on our Honeymoon, and Paul’s just being Paul; wanting to be the stern English Gentleman & disciplinarian, while I cozy up, as the naughty schoolgirl [Not that I don’t take a fancy to this, myself.])~~
The fact remains: I’d gotten what I deserve. Paul is so loving, and giving. He truly does have a moral center, and there was no hiding his displeasure with my behavior (which, even I admit, went beyond his “bar-room, Full-Monty”)

And so, now, I’m back here, at the computer...still wanting to linger a bit, upon those smooth, bare buttocks, and Paul’s warm, large hands; upon, the way his hands moved up, and along, the cleave, massaging both my bottom, and my throbbing clit.
Upon my stinging ass, the lotion was doing it business right; both of us, floating away from the crimson reality of my spanked cheeks; settling ourselves, for just a few hours, into the lovemaking we were bound together, to perform....

....[Married!...I’m really married now.]...

...Up till this moment, everything was a kind of blur, (except, what followed the Church and wedding vows.) The Reception was bound to be central in my memory of our Wedding Day. But, for now, ~~ with Paul, caressing me, touching each nook and cranny; his, knowing hands and fingers, commanding my senses, and my sex ~~ the bright, spot-light, of the banquet hall, became dim. And, instead of an embarrassing nudity, on full view, my body is beginning to relish it’s nakedness; responding in ways only Paul could bring out in me. Because at this moment, we were merged as Man & Wife...fully, completely. (It would take a while, before I’d be back here, tapping out my “confession,” I’ll tell you that!)

With my legs spread, and ass lifted, Paul entered me. I felt him, whole, then; all of him. I shuddered in surprise, feeling him now, moving up, and in, without the ribbed condom. His cock felt so good; tickling the very center of my being. His thrusts were easy; as if in taking all of me, he knew to take his time. After the lotion, I was ready as ever:
I lifted my ass, and his balls clapped against my perineum. Meanwhile, he continued to massage my backside with his palms. My arms flung out, grasping the mattress, and the headboard. I could hear the waves crashing, as each, full, thrust of his cock entered me to the hilt.
My breasts, with both nipples raised, were as sensitive as my red, and swollen, bubble-butt. Paul’s hands were doing a playful tweaking, now...and, yes, it was so much more than I’d ever thought it would be.
Our Wedding night, here on the Islands, was everything I wanted, and more. The naughtiness I’d worked up within myself, fell away; the spanking, for all of it’s painful embarrassment, was worth every spank of the palm; every eye fallen upon my bare bottom, ..

...[Now, (looking back, of course) as Paul cried out, “Oh, Amber you’re so good.....Oh, my wife, I love you”...continuing, as I open myself up to him as much as possible, feeling his hard cock, (a beautiful thing, when raised to it’s full stature) filling me up, as I clench it; loosening myself, tingling now, ripples, are merging with the ocean, the waves.. My body is electric; climaxing, just as the crash of water, beats a tattoo, beyond the window. The Orgasm, when it arrives, puts me into another space completely; my hot ass is rippling, ~~face flushed~~ , as Paul releases his seed and collapses upon my back, kissing my neck, my earlobe; and we lie, feeling each other’s pleasure and heartbeat...One...
...One ... One.

(I know. You’re thinking to yourself:

Come on, Amber...You’ve got a confession of another sort to tell!)


Yes.. The Wedding Reception! And, my mother’s little plan’s, falling into perfect place ~ just, like my own did on April Fool’s Day, my Birthday!.

Paul is in the next room. The television is on, and the volume is low. I’m still naked; however, I’ve got a few pillows beneath my butt. I’m still reeling from our fucking.
That’s what it was: fucking, (as, loving and hard and hot, as ever.) Paul, taking me from behind, with his pant’s at his ankles; and, myself:...nude, as some on-her-knees-stripper, shaved below. All I’m wearing is my wedding ring...

(Can you blame me, for dishing some of the details...might as well.....
Those spankings are coming right up. Paul is expecting me to write it all out here. However, it’s up to me how I tell it. )

And, when I come down to earth~~ Oh, I feel so good!~~I’ll continue my tale. You’ll find out, dear readers, I wasn’t the only one who received a spanking on my Wedding Day....
Right! So stay tuned.
Whoops!....gotta go!
Paul, just tapped me on the shoulder.

“Alright,’s time for bed,” he said.

“I’m not done yet, Paul”

“For today, you are...,” he replied, snatching the pillows away, as I lifted my bare ass off the chair.

“......(oh!.. spank*!)

More later,

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Continued: “A Wedding, Four Friends, and Two Spankings”
Author: Amber.
Spanking Confessions Blog [post date: July 5, 2007]
Time: 7: 58 p.m.


Well. Hello, again.


My apologies, are extended to all who’ve been checking back here:

Your comments have been especially welcome~~ (a hoot, and a half, an’ a holler too, as my Great-Aunt Sophie used to say.) As you can well imagine, Paul and I have been quite the cozy couple. He’s given me some quality time; and let me tell you, I haven’t gone one day without a spanking.

(Truth is:
Variety, truly IS, the spice of life; enlivened, of course, by hairbrushes, belts, and, wooden spoons.) [“Just slip the bus-boy twenty bucks....They must have dozens in the kitchen!”~~sure enough, they did!]

Last Night, Paul & I went to Dirty Charlie‘s~~ what a crowd there!:

For the most part, kids in their 20’s.

At Dirty Charlie‘s, it was full-out-fun, for the Fourth of July. I entered “The Fiery Forth, Wet Tee-Shirt Contest,” was splashed down, (“..nothing’ on, but the tee-shirt”) and sure enough, soon, found myself dancing, up on stage, without the tee. Butt-naked again, I bent over, and ended up winning 2nd place; water, beaded, upon my rosy backside.

[The 1st Place Winner, ended, stark naked also; however, she and her girlfriend got themselves into a “love lock,” which, obviously, brought the house down. Two, wet, shapely lesbians, entwined in a perfect 69. The Winner, on top, getting her ass spanked. Meanwhile, yours truly, was throwing her tee-shirt into the first row~~ the guy‘s going wild!~~ and, thereby, taking 2nd place. I couldn‘t have been more shameless...doubly, wet.]


Our honeymoon, has been so, so, wonderful. Paul has been such a dear; attentive and dominant.
My needs include being submissive. Just being around a man who knows how to love, and be dominant, in a loving way, has brought much to the surface. (I never realized just how much I’d longed to be spanked, until Paul arrived, quite unexpectedly, into my life.)

[It’s not only about “punishment,” and “shame,” as I’ve experienced with Mandy, and Tina. New Year’s Eve, and my Birthday Party, were all about getting “caught with your pants down,” and, the “shamelessness” of such purposeful, self-exposure. It was the punisment of the exhibitionist, on “graduation day”: Definition: What is referred to in Police circles, as the day an exhitibitionist, goes “fully nude“, in public, for the first time.]


Paul, in becoming my husband, has changed him; however, more importantly, it’s changed me as well.

Last night, after getting back from, Dirty Charlie’s, Paul gave me a talking to, and it wasn’t a lecture, about “proper behavior,” because, Paul himself, in merging with me, could see his own role in being incorrigable. We stood, together; me, with my bare, red, bottom, and he (the “bare-butt Bar-dancer,” least we forget), in our full nakedness, all our vulnerabilities on view.

“I understand, Amber,” he said, last night, “the role I’ve played in your naughtiness...What I saw tonight was equal to what I’d done, in McGeery’s.
In that, we were both punished, rightly so, along with Mandy, and Carol; along, with Tina, who, in her own shamelessness, ended up receiving a spanking she, in her own way, welcomed, when it arrived~~not, happily, maybe, but wished for, nonetheless...”

“...Everything in its own time..”

“..Exactly. And, in its own place.”


And so, once again, our boundaries were re-set. We both changed, last night, after I took off my tee-shirt, and exposed myself...along with, my crimson, bottom. I didn’t see the change in Paul; however, with each cheer of the crowd, and each shake of my ass, we were moving closer to this moment of realization....Closer, than we’d ever been, in our own place, our own time.

(The Wedding Party, as promised, to follow)


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Continued: “A Wedding, Four Friends, and Two Spankings”
Author: Amber.
Spanking Confessions Blog [July 6, 2007]
Time: 4:00 PM


“Get on with it! When are you gonna write about
That spankin’.”

~Comment, from “asshurtsalso”

“Amber~ Not to be a party-pooper, but this is a
Spanking group. We’re here to read about top/bottom,
Dom/Sub, BSM, get idea. It seems to me, and I’m sure
You will correct me, if I’m wrong, you’re not being particularly forthcoming in your confession. **I’ll have you know, we’ve waited long enough, to get to the meat of your confession. **Paul, if he has any sense at all, will despense with the lotion, and get your ass, confessing!!

~with, sincere,
Clive (from, Middlesex)


Note to my readers:

Your suggestions, have reaped a firestorm upon my bottom.
I’m really in trouble now! Guess, Paul was thinking the same thing..

I admit, I’ve been somewhat evasive.
No lotion, or breaks, for me!

(’ll be happy to hear, I’ve got a sunburn upon my bottom too...!)

Be patient, with me. Thanks & spanks, to all.



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Continued: “A Wedding, Four Friends, and Two Spankings”
Author: Amber.
Spanking Confessions/Group/Blog [July 7, 2007]
Time: 7:00 AM


Paul has packed our bags. Upon the bed, my clothes are laid out and readied.

Now, our Honeymoon is just about complete.

Our time here couldn’t have been more perfect. I’m seated, before the patio door, overlooking the beach; a cool, morning, breeze, brushes my skin, as I write.

We’ve managed to come to terms with each other; reveling, in our surprising compatability; sharing, stories we’d only skidded over; touching places, not only sexual, but within ourselves; and, finally, after we’d revealed all that could be revealed, our merging, our marriage, brought us back together, once again.

We’d traversed our foibles, and now, being equal, (as suited together, as any two people who’ve known love) like familiar friends, Paul and I, are well met, once again.

Our flight, back to New York, departs at Twelve o’clock. Paul’s given me ample time to write my confession. Except the clothes I’ll wear to the airport, he’s stored everything away.

Our suite of rooms, includes a living room area, closed off from the bedroom.
(That’s where you’d find my hubby now, remote control in hand, watching the Weather Channel~~ “..a tropical depression, off the coast of St. Thomas...”~~ eye-balling the seas and skies.) Yes, my Paul‘s a geek; however, a loveable geek.

My orders, given with a smack and a tickle, are to “Get down to the nitty-gritty”:
Re: “The Wedding Party, four friends, and two spankings,” I’ve avoided, while having fun; [Frankly put, some extraordinary sex, and, a wet-tee-shirt contest, are not the “confession,” our readers (and, Paul) had in mind.]...

...Nonetheless, fun for both of us, he admitted,...while packing up my clothes, and books; my lotions, and sunscreen, and, undergarments, all. On-top the four-poster bed, laid out:

the sundress, a bra, (no panties!), and a brand new pair of sandals.

...Which, brings us, dear readers, back, full circle, to my very sore, and, sun-burned, bottom. (my mistake! Forgetting, to re-apply the “Ole’-sunscreen-cream,” after swimming. )

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Continued: “A Wedding, Four Friends, and Two Spankings”
Author: Amber.
Spanking Confessions/Group/Blog [July 7, 2007]
Time: 7:45PM

And, so!:

“The Nitty-Gritty: The Wedding Party, Four Friends, and Two Spankings” ~~finally.


It would be safe to say, my mother was a far better instigator of misbehavior than I could ever be:

The woman is a genius, who was raised within a strict, Catholic, household, where rules mattered. [In this sense, Shannon and I, grew up, pretty much in the same way, my friend, Tina did.]
There was, in our upbringing, consequences to the breaking of rules; however, I can say, without any hesitation, our mother, and father, (both), never took matters of discipline into their own hands, so too speak. Shannon, and I, were never spanked as children; the threat of a “bare-bottomed spanking” was enough to curtail our misbehavior. In the McCarthy household, “time-outs,” and “grounded for the week-end” were the consequences usually applied...our minds, in the course of growing up, were more important to the day-to-day activities of our lives, than a sore behind.
This is the difference, right or wrong, between Tina’s upbringing, and what would be seen in the McCarthy household. Tina is the daughter of a Minister, a Pastor, of the Church of Christ; her upbringing, included the “spare the rod..” philosophy, absent in Shannon’s and my own. Mandy & Tina, (both, good friends of Paul & myself) knew what it was to be turned over their father’s knee, and spanked.
And so, when my mother, overheard Shannon’s daughter, Molly, in conversation with her friend, ...This, conversation:

“....No. The wedding was going to be in September, but Aunt Amber and Paul decided to go with June instead....”

“....I bet your Aunt’s really excited huh? Does your Grandma know about your Aunt’s Birthday spanking? Jeez, Molly, that must have been something!...”

“...Don’t be talking ‘bout that, k? It’s between us. My Mom told me not to tell anyone...but you’re my best friend. It was unbelievable, and Aunt Amber really was naughty...”

“Naked, on her Birthday, and getting spanked! Oh, Molly....”

...The wheels in my mother’s mind, began to spin; her planning of my Wedding Day took on a whole new, and secret, aspect. By the end of my Wedding Party I’d finally feel the consequences, Shannon, and I, up too this moment, only experienced (in my mother’s mind) as “fun;” as, a “Birthday Spanking;” as, “getting everybody naked, and spanking each other,” (this, is what Tina told my mother, a week before my Wedding..My Birthday Party, it seems, was still a sore spot with her, regardless of her own naughtiness, and “looking’ for a spankin’”)...

Oh yes, it was a revelation for my mother, without a doubt! By the time those Church Bells were a’ringin,’ my mother had gotten a thumbnail sketch of Paul, and Mandy, and Carol, and Tina’s misbehavior, along with my own, “shamelessness.”

[Here, then, for those who may have stumbled upon this “confession” (without reading Paul’s posts, or my own), is the thumbnail-version my mother gathered, in coffee klatches, on neighbor’s patios, and assorted telephone conversations, as “follow-up, second-sourcing.”
Like I say, my mother is as in-tune with news-gathering, as Carl Bernstein.


The Bare Facts:

[1.] Paul, “set everything in motion,” after he’d “Dropped his pants, on the bar, in McGeery’s.”

[2.] Tina & Mandy, hatched a plan, to “punish” him for his “drunken, misbehavior.”

Tina, being, “highly offended, by Paul’s behavior, at McGeery’s thought a bare-bottomed spanking, would give him something to think about.” “He’s wild when he drinks..,” Tina, told my mother.

[3.] Tina, invited, Mandy and Paul, “over to her apartment, for brunch.”
The plan was to have Paul submit to a spanking, after brunch; “..but, my propane tank was empty, an’ I had to go out and get it filled,” Tina explained, “...I was gonna make some veggie burgers..”

[4.] “Paul talked me into table dancing, and...I don’t know..I just did. I was up on Tina’s coffee table, dancing, when she returned,” said, Mandy, blushing. “Both, Paul and I, were completely..uhh, nude.”

[5,] “He [Paul] kicked my Jesus Statue, and broke the head off. I gave them both a good spanking, side-by-side...They ate their dinner, standing at the table, with their red bottom’s facing the window..,” Tina admitted, with a gloating look upon her face; (almost, gleeful, my mother, would take note.)

....The rest, as they say, is history. “One spanking, lead to the initiating of another one, on and on:

Mandy, gets even with Tina, on Tina’s Birthday;

Tina & Carol, plot their revenge for New Year’s Eve;

Paul leaves Mandy, and begins going out with Amber, after New Year’s;

and, Amber, brings everything full circle at her Birthday Party...

...[April Fool’s day]...getting herself, her three friends, and Paul, naked and spanked;”
A regular, at McGeery’s, was happy to report to my mother, ending his narrative with:

“...Shannon, [Amber’s Sister] was getting a real kick out of spanking Amber, let me tell you, was a complete hoot, seeing that,” he added, chuckling into his beer. “Can I get ya a drink, Mrs. McCarthy?”


And so...
Two days before my Wedding, my mother had gathered enough information.

She had everything in place, and ready...Paul and I, were oblivious of anything out of the ordinary. The Wedding Reception would be held at my mother’s Summer House in the Hamptons.

(to be continued..xx,Amber )



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Division comparing is continueing with 0 backboard again oneself awkwardness, even if he tries to use secondary attack and grab a help this team, the result still is no good. Division him comparing also begins to admit, match of this round of set wants pass a barrier, unless have the show of epic sex, but this easier said than done.
The contest after season was destined 2011 is the arena of an unexpected winner. When magic, spur first-run a bureau, human life hangs Kaierte a gleam of, in former days wonderful scenery of rich and powerful family no longer when, a dangerous situation of lake person is undoubtedly most let a person look not to understand. Lake person is not short of endowment, do not lack depth, do not be short of cacique, those who lack is gas of a kind of heart, to the longing of total champion, to the sufficient esteem of adversary. It is a metempsychosis 3 years, what Jordan uses two 3 Lian Guan card to understand his is great, in great be in nearly during verying close, division comparing encountered bottleneck. Those who be placed before division comparing is a large hole, also may be once in a blue moon good luck, one proves his enough and great opportunity.