September 12, 2008


Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)
Friends and family may be clamoring for attention, but you need to put yourself first for now. It may feel awkward for a time, but if you keep going, you should find that it all works out for the best.


Lil Bit said...

Fitting astrology report, sweetie.

Say, where are you getting yours from? ... a website?

Lil Bit said...

ps. Please send me your list of current blogs, k?

pps. Looking fwd to receiving your MASK! weeeeeeeee! =D

sinfullyanon said...

~~Lil Bit:

(The horoscope is Yahoo/Optonline..homepage)

I sent off the mask,
and, the blogs (Which I'm still considering which ones to keep going)
will be sent soon.

My Statcounter really threw me for a loop today! It migrated (Must have been a sharecropper's inspiration!lol!), I'm totally messed up! What the heck is my password? What e-mail was I using? Is there a CURE FOR MPD??? (Whoops! I asked that question last year [SEE ARCHIVES]....

Enough is enough, as Obama would say. (God, I love that Man!)