September 22, 2008

Hey, wait a minute!

"Oh! Fall is here...Fall is coming!...Toot-toot, goes the whistle!"
The "Fall" Blog has arrived!
"Click" <<< me~!


Evening said...

I just wanted to stop by and tell you how wonderful I think it is that you have a book of poems set to be published. CONGRATULATIONS, I am thrilled for you.
I wanted to email you but couldn't find an email address in your profile. Sorry to write all this here.
I haven't been around much, I am working all the time but I wanted you to know, I hope you are well and things are looking up :) I wish you less stress and more happiness and strenghth.

Lu said...

I spent a hello, to recreate the sight and leave you a kiss vicious

Lil Bit said...

oh boy, lol, ANOTHER blog, lol...
Hey! - where's my list so I can update my reader?