September 15, 2008

Unfinished Business:

3:45 AM:

That's where it began,
and ended.
Clockwork, catching my tears,
once again.
Of these things, I could write everyday;

and, still the business of life,
would call us forward,

undue, regret.

3:45 AM:

TOD (Three Years Later):

A father, struggles with his memories;
moaning, in his bed; mourning,
his life, his love.
A son, gathers his remorse,
with each cry through the walls.
A Mother, stands silently;
cast pewter, shined.
There is everything which breaks the silence
of our lives:

It echoes,
without fading,
in the hallway.

~sinfullyAnon. [September 16, now.]

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Valeria said...

Yesssss! Good.. send me your stories for My Secret Diary's pubblications.. Kiss :*