January 27, 2009

"Apple Cider"

Latest video from "PoetHeadsUp."

No. I haven't gone insane.
(not yet, anyway)


P.S. > My little stick on Long Island is coming undone. I apologize for not being completely "here"...My Visiting hours (making the blog 'rounds) is a crap-shoot lately.So goes Exhaustion. Take care of yourselves & others. xo,adam

P.S.s. : I'm just going to keep adding to this. I gotta say, to anyone still reading here. Hold on..hold the fuck on. You ain't seen Nothing yet. I'm fucked up..truly, fucked up, headwise.



trinity-pup said...

well, i'm still here hugging you and checking in... so don't forget that :-) *hugs*

t. x

Long Adam (#2 -1/2) said...

Thanks hun..My vacation has just been extended.

Be good..
love ya,