January 4, 2009

The Tipping Point (...In the Life of a Blogger)

Everything Falls into Place:

Everything Falls into Place:

So, I may not be the swiftest duck in the pond --(but, who IS,
anyway?)--and, Momma may have told me not to come...(jus' kiddin'

...but, there comes a day when, [ yes, my
furry-sexy-friends] every little-gosh-darn thing falls into place and
instead of talking like some maddened political hack, gone wild, all of
your sentences (bold as brick) fly as free as the wind, as subtle as a

..and, even that, is just right..(but, further to the Left, in 2009!:)

And, so:

Do not dismiss these ravings. I'm fucking on to something..and, if the Wind blows right, it may turn out to be:

Perfectly, Imperfect.

Happy New Year.
LOVE yez, all,

SinfullyAnon, nevermore (Hawwwwwk!)
(also known as ShortbusNormal, Poetheadsup, and TV2guy @ YouTube)


Lil Bit said...

Imperfect perfection rocks! ;)

Hey, sweetie -- I visited Adam 2's new place, saw your test post -- but the comment box doesn't work. Just thought you'd like to know .. it just sends you down to an Ani D video...

sinfullyanon said...

Lil Bit~~See that!

Imperfection, really does rock!

Adam#2~~jumps off the SinfullyAnon train, and jumps onto the Adam#2 Platform...

...(tee-hee! I'm Dashing Dan of Blog-Land!! toot-toot!)

~X~ << blown kisses, to you!:)

Lady_Karen_Rebel said...

Happy new year...I hope it is a sinfull new year...

Long Adam (#2 -1/2) said...

Happy New Year, to you_and_yours too!

I got a feelin' it's gonna be Sinful and Adam-oid [note: resembling, adam (source:Medical Terminology 1)...I made that up!] ...

..(Adam DID name things, ya know?)

~x~Adam#2 & SinfullyAnon.