January 19, 2009

Exactly...Still feel the same way, damnit!

(Posted this @ShortbusNormal Videos [2007-2008])...desperate, for change.


Ps: There is a feeling growing within me. I don't know who reads me any longer. I've probably turned off more than a few people for not being "sexy" enough. Too bad, I say. The real deal is flying forward.

My brother-in-law is hospitalized. My Sister is gearing up for Divorce Court. My father is fuming in anger, loss, rage, and a collection of "false memories"...The hurt is endless, effecting all in my family. My mother, God rest her soul, is looking upon us with sorrowful eyes.

I don't care anymore, if I'm "sexy" or not. I want to live, like anyone else; someone who counts, no matter what...no matter where...no matter when.

"Sexy" is only half of it..if that.

If that.
~x~adam 01/19/09~12:55AM

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trinity-pup said...

*hugs* don't care what you are... just know that i'm still hanging in there for you and i really hope you can find some strength, keep positive and know that you are cared about...

oooer.... my word verification is "evers"

t. x