January 3, 2009



If you're new to my blogs, or me, this post will seem like an invitation to seek me even further than you've ever had to seek another blogger. (Then, again, if you've spent only a little time reading me, you've probably realized I have an odd affinity with run-on sentences, which in the blog Universe are a number-one causal factor in boredom, and not only that: run-on sentences, induce sleep, and just may cause you much harm in the Real life world of English Teachers and spank-crazy, schoolmarms.)


So, if you know me, you know I've been agonizing upon what (WHAT?, Sinfully, are you going to do with all these bloody-blogs!????:)

Later on today, I'll be back. (Yes..My nephew turns 11 today, [Birthday Party!] and I must be going!)....

...Later, I'll present "Da LIST" [note: Da List, is a List of Keepers! Meaning: The blogs I shall continue to Post on. The Main Blog & its naughty companions.]

It's time to make some Changes, friends & peeps & frienemies! (..frienemies? You know who you are..You're not reading me{or, maybe, you are:}

See ya later.



sinfullyanon said...

Comment Box Post: UPDATE: Late home from Sis's House. Dang, football game went into OT...Nephew happy, despite calamity with a Nerf-gun.

I'm going to sleep.

DA LIST>>>Sunday!:)

vixen kitten said...

Well way to keep us all hanging! *smile*

I LOVE the song. I just saw it...ummmm listened to it. Not off key at all!

sinfullyanon said...

Vixen Kitty~~ Thank you, hun. It was a bit different than McCartney would sing it. I'm glad you liked it. Sometimes, you just get the feeling to "switch-it-up," as they say.

(P.s.: Lord knows, I'm driving people crazy with my stuff..but, you know, as long as I'm the only one in this world who's crazy..bring it on!)