December 28, 2008

Gone (part One):

Stay, fuckin', tuned.

Dat Guy, is dead!



Lil Bit said...

So, ya shot him, eh? ;)

sinfullyanon said...

...Verbal lives!

(Dat Guy's a big-time Kevin Spacey fan. The best Actors are:

1)Never in the Celeb Gossip rags.

2)Have stomped the "boards" and have "Eaten the scenery" [at least, until their moxie is curtailed]

3.] Invest everything into their "characters," sometimes to the point of breakdown (in their lives, this can be tragic: Look at Ledger, and Tom & Nicole Kidman ["Eyes Wide Shut]

4.] Carry themselves with grace & see their gifts as just that: a gift, which comes from hard work, and a great amount of empathy (Method acting is not "dead"; it's alive, on stage & in life)

and, finally,

6.] They are willing to expose the deepest parts of themselves, (as we take in those gifts they've chosen to throw out into the World); opening our eyes to those oh-so-many Characters, stories, loves, and Times, we're constantly evolving, each day.

("...All the Worlds a Stage..," as the Bard said.)


Yep! I shot him, alright. lol!