December 6, 2008

I'm posting this all over the friggin' place today...

It is
a Universal Post.

I may miss some places. It's okay.

Better? You better, you better, you bet!

It's not THE WHO.

It's The What, The Where, and The When.

Happy Holidays, friends & family.
["the wind shall hear my words..."]

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sinfullyanon said...

stifffingers(dot)tumblr (dot) com

(So many were not in "The Acknowledgments" would've been a book in itself. All my readers, friends & foes (!) were instrumental in seeing a book to print.

Thank you,
for your presence...]

Love you,

padme amidala said...

Hi sinfully anon!
How are you doing? Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Was good to hear from you. I was going to send you a Christmas card but need you to send me your address. Let me know if that's ok. :)
Hope you are doing ok!!
Big HUGS!!

Lady Sascha said...

Dear sweet Will,
Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog... you are right, it's been a long time and I personally am horrid for keeping up with people.
As for deleting this blog, why would you want to? We are all beautifully complex multifaceted creatures that change as we go. We say goodbye to things behind every day. We greet new things every day. But sometimes goodbye doesn't have to be forever.
Keep this blog as a little treasure of what you once were. Sometimes when you gain distance, and then come back to look at something again, you see yourself in a new light - you make discoveries of things you already knew, but were not allowing yourself to see...
Keeping your old thoughts in a blog as a keepsake is a good way to find out where you once were, and from that, to see how you have grown in the interim.
Take care, and I hope you keep in touch.

Lil Bit said...

good grief, hon... pleeeeeeeease send me a list of your *UP* blogs, I've lost track and now you're closing this one, too?
*boo boo lip*

Help a lil one out & send that list, will ya? lol

sinfullyanon said...

~~Whoops! I'm not closing exactly.
I'll explain in a lil bit!!! lol!


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