December 25, 2008

I'll be saying more about this later, I know; ...

...however, at Christmas, it seems more important than ever.

I was touched today, beyond belief, when my Father handed me a Christmas Card, and within it expressed his love & pride in me.

A small moment, with huge returns..

As a blogger friend of mine says, at times,

"Life is good. It's very good."

Love to all, this Holiday Season.



Brambleberry Blush said...

Merry Christmas~

I hope all the joys of the seasons are yours this year.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it wonderful when we get these wonderful gifts when we least expect them!
I am so happy for you
Merry Christmas
Andrades Girl

sinfullyanon said...

The thing is: My father, because of a lot of anger & memory-loss, has been hell to live with during this past year...

..His card just blew me away, because underneath all of his anger and regrets and losses..

..It made my day, and I want desperately to hold on to that feeling...

Time is of the essence.


Anonymous said...

I am sorry that you have had such a stressful year. My relationship with my parents especially my Mom has had many ups and downs, in my early years until I was in my mid 30's; it was mostly down, with me spending as little time with them as possible, visiting them only on major holidays etc. But over the years, things because of some major traumas in our family things have healed little by little and now there are far less ups and downs and mostly more peaceful middle grounds. My folks are in their 80's now and live across the country from me. But we talk,instant message and e-mail and I try to visit when I can. In my "Saner" moments I try to remember that the truth about who they are; are the loving memories and moments that I have with them, and the bad ones (memories)kinda just blur away in the distance. Some days are easier to do this than other days.
Thanks for listening to me ramble on, your comments and support are always welcome Sinfully.
Take care,
Andrades girl

Lil Bit said...

Ohhhh, that's awesome! I'm so glad to hear he gave you that card with his TRUE feelings expressed in it. See? He *does* care.
Hope that (and more) helped to make for a wonderful holiday season for you, m'dear!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sinfully:
I just wanted to make sure I wished you a Wonderful New Year, with more magical happenings, more peace, more joy, more love and more fun.
Take care,
Andrades Girl