December 28, 2008

"Gone" [Part TWO]:

Take it all in...

...and then, let it go:

With love, this day
and always,

adam/SinfullyAnon. here too! <

And, can also "click" the blog-post title..and, enjoy the Journey. Do You Know What Quoz is???????????????
OUT THERE,baby. On The Road.xx

And, again: A lot of what has been before (adam, cain, Will, etc. etc.) can now be read/viewed all in one place! [Ain't that the Cat's P.J.'s..puss-puss:]..and, that place would be here>> ON-SUGAR "CLICK"

And, if all that were not enough to read in one night! Travelin,' can end-up here [pun-intended]..and, read a Winter's Tale (revised really)..A New Year's Story (can you say, "Paul & Amber")...yep! Their baAAAAAaaak!

Right here >> click!

[Tell me, truthfully: Do you care about any of this? Why do I poll these things? Who am I, Bill Clinton?? (not!:)]


padme amidala said...

Hi Will,
I hope you had a good Christmas! Best wishes for the new year ahead in 2009! I'm glad that you are my "bro". :)

sinfullyanon said...

Padme~You're the best, always.

(Now, I'm open for all (even Family!:)

~blush* They're gonna get an eye-full and a half, aye?...

('jus me. They can change the Channel, just like everyone else. All this stuff, I believe, is of's my blood, sweat, and tears; mixed in with laughter, and joy and humor. No sacrifices!)

Love ya,
~~you were there at the beginning of my Journey. Stick round, hun.
My future is now an "open" book.


Lil Bit said...

Really like those collages you did in this video... I think I even saw YOU in there! =)

Wishing only the best for you as you find whatever space/place you need for your voice, s/h.

I already read the New Year's story... HOT!