December 1, 2008

How to change your life:

1. Do whatever you can to lessen the stress in your life.
2. Quit smoking.
3. Use the mirror as an affirmative, positive, object in your life.
4. Realize that, yes, you are imperfect...but, lovable.
5. Underwear? Forgettaboutit!
6. Use sugar sparingly.
7. Quit smoking (2nd. try!)
8. Smile, damnit!


If none of these work, try disappearing for a while.

That is certainly a change!]

~x~SinfullyAnon. 12/1/08~6:29AM


Anonymous said...

I think you are on the right track! I like the last one, more people should just smile! Thanks for sharing.

Christine said...

Hmmmm ...... so I should stop smoking .... heavy sigh ... But I am trying!!! Yikes!!

Love your post today. Helps remind us to take a simple positive approach ….. amazing how we forget to do the simple things ….

Thank you!

Lil Bit said...

Good guidelines to follow!
Yikes, I need to quit smoking, too... maybe '09? We'll see...

sinfullyanon said...

Kirkules~ It only seems like I'm on the right track. I wish I could follow my own advice...and, I'm happy to share my troubles. As they say: "When the Going Gets Tough..The Tough Get Going."

Christine~Simple things, mixed with hard things. The right time and the right place. These are two ideas which in living life we consistently struggle with. What we must always keep in my are our own needs...I'm trying, just like you. Today, I wrote this post because I'd failed to Quit Smoking (after 4 days without a ciggy!)...I'm disappointed in myself; I'm angry at abuse I'm contending with (caring for a miserable, verbally abusive father)...Changing my life..Thank YOU for reading. [Oh! and, btw: Thanks, for adding my blog to your post today..I'm honored to be in your blogroll, dear.]

Lil Bit~~I can always count on you to pop in with positive cheer. I have to tell you, I don't think I've ever felt so beaten down by life. How is it that some really good things can happen and yet no pleasure at all can be taken in it.
I deserve to be happy, hun. Don't I?? LOve you.

sinfullyanon said...

"Turn, Turn, Turn...."

...prayer helps also.

Farewell, friends.

vixen kitten said...

Underwear is soooo over rated!

Smiling. More people really should just try this one simple thing.

Love your blog. Can't wait to come back with more time to explore.


sinfullyanon said...

~Vixen~Thanks for dropping in. Explore at your own risk. Lot's of "naughty" stuff 'round here. You may go blind, or sumptin':)

[Then, again, it may be just some dust in the wind!]~x~SinfullyAnon.